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China is jerking Jerry Brown’s chain

Climate deal

Re “Without Washington, Jerry Brown makes clean energy deals with China” (sacbee.com, June 7): Gov. Jerry Brown said China, Europe and U.S. state governors will fill the gap left by the federal government’s move to leave the Paris climate accord. The gap is the money that the U.S. would have spent to help pay out to 180-plus other countries. Does that mean that these state governors will contribute their constituent’s tax dollars toward the Paris Accord’s annual $100 billion dollar budget? If there truly is a commitment by any country or state, they need to put up or shut up and make sure their agreements are binding with oversight and accountability. Communist China is just jerking the world’s and Jerry Brown’s chain.

Frank Isaac, Roseville

Climate change

President Donald Trump continues to insist that climate change is unproven and clean energy is ridiculous. Meanwhile our alternative planet earth is beginning to broil beyond habitation. More and more people are realizing that Republican fake news, superficial commentary and bullying tactics are alt-wrong, that their policies are greedy, clueless, racist, reckless and "factually" dangerous.

William Hui, Clear Lake

Why not Brown?

Jerry Brown for President, 2020.

Lon Yarbrough, Carmichael

Odd priorities

I found it sad that the City of Sacramento set aside $300,000 for legal aid for people facing deportation. Yet foster children struggle to have health insurance and their needs met. I'll bet if we were to ask 500 people if they wanted $300,000 to go to illegal immigrants, or use that money to help foster children have decent health care, the kids would win hands down.

Sandra Davidson, Carmichael


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