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Give kids a break. Start school later in the morning.


School start time

Re “Later start times in California schools could save sleep, complicate family life” (sacbee.com, July 30): As a retired public school teacher and a single mother of two, I support later start times. I have witnessed high schools starting earlier and earlier. Many California high schools start first period before 7:30 a.m. These early start times are not aligned with teens’ circadian rhythms and cause more drowsy students, driving accidents, depression, anxiety, drug use and poor academic performance. Parents can’t control their kids’ biology, but policymakers can prevent start times that are proven to hurt our children. There is no convenient start time for everybody, and work schedules vary, but the need to protect children from known health risks is a constant.

Joyce Mundel, Sacramento

Imam’s apology

Re “Davis imam apologizes for sermon that was condemned as anti-Semitic” (sacbee.com, july 28): I hope that the compassion displayed by the Davis community toward Davis Imam Ammar Shahin will inspire him to sincerely change how he feels about others. The spiteful words articulated during his sermon were prepared and not a slip of the tongue. His hateful message was genuine and delivered with emotion and charisma. His apology was not. He scares me.

Tavi G Popp, Fair Oaks

Health care vote

Re “This is what should happen next on health care. With Trump, it won’t.” (Editorial, July 29) I am a Republican and would like thank Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and John McCain or Arizona for having the courage to stand up to pathetic President Donald Trump and do what is right for the American people by voting down the sorry health bill. The rest of the Senate Republicans are pathetic.

John Thomas West, Sacramento


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