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Californians are moving to Idaho

Downtown Boise.
Downtown Boise. Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau.

See you later

Re “Anti-Californian sentiment has gripped Idaho for generations. Has anything changed?” (sacbee.com, July 31): I’ll be moving. There are so many things I’ll miss: the highest state income tax in the nation and sales tax rate. How will I manage not having to pay the highest gas tax? I do have one complaint. The corporate tax rate isn’t the highest. Legislators better get that rate up. The extra taxes would be needed for single-payer health insurance. It will be hard to put California in my rear view mirror, but I’ll try.

Bob Boyd, McKinleyville

Hello, Idaho

We don't like what California has become and sought out a new place. We discovered a wonderful city in Idaho where we bought property and will retire. We have been met with that wary eye when people see our plates, but no one has been rude. We plan to show them we are much more alike and want nothing more than to assimilate, rather than change anything. How Idaho is is exactly why we're moving there. If it became California, we'd have to move again.

Rick Kerley, West Sacramento


Re “‘Hurry up and die’: Threats, racism intensify against California officials” (sacbee.com, July 31): The article fails to offer any explanation for why this disturbing behavior has gained so much traction. If we are to combat this dark turn, it is vital that we understand its nature and origin. Trumpism is best defined as an affinity for authoritarian leaders and structures. Many people are attracted to authoritarian leaders because they validate their followers’ self-righteous wrath and make them feel part of a noble cause. Donald Trump is only a symptom of the Republican Party’s turn toward authoritarianism. Only by recognizing the danger these authoritarians pose to our democracy and communities can we effectively counter them.

Corey Finnegan, Oroville


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