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Proposition 57 is freeing violent felons from prison. Don’t make it worse

Violent felons

Re “Let nonviolent third-strikers seek parole” (Viewpoints, Aug. 1): Tania Vargas-Edmond and Richard Edmond Vargas raised dubious points in their op-ed, including claiming an inmate is serving a three-strikes life sentence for credit card fraud. In 2012, Proposition 36 allowed for the imposition of life sentences under three strikes only when the newest felony conviction was for a serious or violent offense. Credit card fraud is not a serious or violent felony. Most ludicrous is the claim that third-strikers have the lowest rate of recidivism. People serving three-strikes sentences are doing so because they chose to commit new felonies after being twice convicted of serious or violent felonies. Despite the claim of its supporters, Proposition 57 is releasing violent felons. Three-strikers should not be added to this early release parade.

Eric Siddall, Association of Deputy District Attorneys, Los Angeles

Science denial

Re “Report finds dire impact of climate change on the U.S.” (Page 1A, Aug. 8): Climate scientists sent a draft of their climate assessment to the press out of fear that the Trump administration would censor the document. Given the anti-science steps taken by the administration, those scientists’ fears are warranted. It’s unacceptable that scientists fear politicians will tamper with their research.

Dana Nuccitelli, West Sacramento

Frivolous suit

Re “California preparing to sue Trump administration” (sacbee.com, Aug. 4): California taxpayers will pay our attorney general to sue the U.S. Justice Department to assure California gets federal crime fighting funds. The feds can determine conditions for providing funds. California taxpayers are paying for a frivolous lawsuit.

David Mulvehill, Rancho Murieta

Go to bed

Re “Later start times in California schools could save sleep, complicate family life” (sacbee.com, July 30): Here’s a solution for students to get more sleep. Go to bed earlier. That’s what our parents told us to do in the 1950s and 1960s.

Paul E. Adler, Roseville


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