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Letters: CSU, genetic testing and Fox’s fraternity

Remedial classes

Re “CSU eliminates remedial classes in push to improve graduation rates” (sacbee.com, Aug. 3): There is greater demand for college graduation, because college has become the new high school. As the article states, 39 percent of California State University freshmen take remedial classes. They should have learned the lessions in high schools. If they are not qualified to do college-level work, they should not be admitted. As for the soaring cost of college, increased demand drives up prices. Bloated administration increases cost. As vultures sense the presence of carrion, universities respond to the availability of government money. Tuition rises to meet the loan money available.

Stephen P. Keller, Rocklin

Genetic testing

Re “First embryo gene-repair holds promise for inherited disease” (sacbee.com, Aug. 4): Nazi Germany was eager to create a “master race.” Hitler encouraged ghastly experiments to that end and wiped out 6 million Jews. Hitler's experiments were considered an outrage and roundly condemned. Today, certain members of the scientific community are engaging in experiments that usurp the prerogatives of God and kill human embryos in the process. This is a dark path indeed.

Diana Lee Vriend, Sacramento

Leave Fox alone

Re “Fox News host Eric Bolling suspended amid sexting investigation” (sacbee.com, Aug. 5): Enough! The constant publicizing of the minor indiscretions of Fox Newsmen has to end. This is a witch hunt and it’s running amok. So Eric Bolling sent lewd photos to a co-worker, and before that it was Bill O'Reilly who was fired for harassing women, and poor Fox chief executive, Roger Ailes, had to resign. The networks name is Fox. Get it? These personal anecdotes, though titilating and salacious, should be swept under the carpet. They are nobody’s business. The networks mantra of telling the truth some of the time is of paramount importance to its viewers.

Michael Hamiel, Elk Grove


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