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In praise of Dianne Feinstein + Korea + Xavier Becerra and the Dreamers

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. AP

Dianne Feinstein

Re “More boos for Dianne Feinstein from California’s left – do they signal 2018 trouble?” (sacbee.com, Sept. 7): The article wrongly assumes that Democrats in California are upset with Sen. Dianne Feinstein. In fact, Feinstein shows her wisdom and maturity. It is not in this country's interest for Democrats to behave like Republicans when a Democrat was in the White House and become obstructionists. It is in our best interest to work on the Affordable Health Care Act to fix it. It will be damaging for California Democrats to follow the Bernie Sanders agenda. Extremism for the left is just as wrong as that for the right. We need adult thinking and cooperation to manage challenges we face. To do otherwise would hand governance of this state back to Republican politicians to everyone's detriment. Trump has hit a roadblock with the extremist Republican congressional members. Democrats can accomplish a lot if they use this for advancing our goals. That will translate to a better future. Leftist extremism will not accomplish anything.

David Lasic, Folsom

Kim Jong Un

Re “Reunification, not war, in Korea” (Viewpoints, Sept. 5): This may sound like heresy, but what if the United States leaders were to say they would pull their troops out of South Korea if the two Koreas agree to reunification and abandonment of nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un uses our presence as his excuse for for maintaining a belligerent military posture. So let's call his bluff. Reunification would spell the death of his regime, once his people see how prosperous the South is and how the North has been misled. All he has to do is look at Germany's reunification and see which side is now running the country.

James E. Aitken, Folsom


Re “Trump didn’t show ‘compassion’ by ending DACA. He was a coward” (Editorial, Sept. 5): I was born in California, lived most of my adult life in Oregon and Rhode Island, and returned to California in 2013. I have never been more proud to be a native Californian. Thank you, Attorney General Xavier Becerra for standing up for what’s right.

Judy Thomas, Roseville


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