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Hillary Clinton + Donald Trump + Antifa + DACA + school shooting

Hillary Clinton prepares to sign copies of her book, “What Happened,” at a book store in New York on Tuesday.
Hillary Clinton prepares to sign copies of her book, “What Happened,” at a book store in New York on Tuesday. The Associated Press

Trump’s base

Re “Clinton still doesn’t get ‘what happened’ in 2016 election” (Viewpoints, Sept. 14): In his op-ed, Marc A. Thiessen dismisses the bigot factor in Donald Trump’s election, citing those people who voted for Barack Obama and later Trump. That theory can be discredited with one word: gender. There was a huge gender factor across the electorate in 2008 and 2016, but Thiessen ignores that inconvenient reality. In addition, an anti-Mormon element played into Obama’s defeat of Romney in 2012. Call them bigots, call them chauvinists, call them angry working-class – as Thiessen does. Call them whatever you want to, they’re all part of Trump’s base.

Denny Walsh, Antelope

Who Trump is

In his critique of Hillary Clinton’s book, Marc A. Thiessen attempts to normalize bigotry by saying that all of Donald Trump’s voters were not bigots. I see. They only enabled a man with a well-documented history of bigotry. And you’re OK with that Mr. Thiessen? Clinton owes Thiessen nothing. The book was written for the 66 million people who understood exactly who Donald Trump is and voted accordingly.

Richard Nano, Roseville


Marc A. Thiessen points out that according to “USA action” the top priorities for Trump voters were: Protecting Social Security and Medicare; creating good-paying jobs; access to affordable insurance; corruption in government; cracking down on outsourcing; making sure wealthy people pay their fair share in taxes; keeping Wall Street in check. I have to ask: How is that Trumpey-Changey thing working out?

Gabriel Lewin, Davis

Wrong direction

Re “Trump didn’t show ‘compassion’ by ending DACA. He was a coward” Editorials, Sept. 5: I’m not sure about that. But he is blinded to the real problem. While part of the country is under water and another is under fire, Donald Trump is “fixing” immigration policy rather than focusing on the more important issues at hand. He’s not a coward but a thoughtless, negligent and a careless leader. Immigrants, the backbone of American history, are being forced to leave the lives they have created. Is this who we really are? We have an oblivious president who is leading our country into the wrong direction.

Sopnil Rahman, Sacramento


Re “Dreamers” (Letters, Sept. 15): Yes, letter writer Bill Jurkovich, this is a great country, precariously so. Maybe our Legislature’s leaders have the foresight to see something you don’t. Undaunted mothers defied the unfathomable bringing a child in one arm and a bag filled with hopes and dreams in the other to a country that wants to wall them out of sight. DACA kids don’t dream for free. They pay by giving themselves up to the government in hopes that their dreams come true, fearing that they could be transported back to a world they never knew. It’s also not a free ride. They will be paying more taxes than they do now when they become teachers, doctors, judges, scientists, etc. Maybe, just maybe, one will find a cure for cancer. What is it about these kids that terrify some people? Is it that they may discover the truth of who we really are?

Anthony M. Villanueva, Folsom

DACA bandwagon

Re “California officials make clear: The state has Dreamers’ backs” (Editorials, Sept. 11): Let’s see. We have cities that declared themselves sanctuary cities. At least 15 states have sued the Trump administration over DACA. The Legislature is enacting legislation declaring California a sanctuary state. University of California President Janet Napolitano is suing Trump. San Francisco bars landlords from reporting illegal aliens to ICE. I wish I had so many people interested in my welfare and protection. A wiser use of energy and the peoples’ money would be to make a concerted effort to lobby Congress for a solution. But that would not be as dramatic.

John Petkovich, Roseville


There appears to be consensus among liberals that millions of illegal immigrants who entered our country have had little effect on our lives. Yet look how this country is so divided over illegal immigration with protests, violence and lawsuits. Now we have the DACA debacle brought on by the Obama administration. They blame the Trump administration. But the blame lies squarely on the parents who entered this country illegally and brought their children with them. The children should be given a fast track to citizenship because they are innocent. But we must not lose sight of who really started this chaos in our country, the parents.

Claudia Fitzgerald, Sacramento

We’re done

Democratic rule has all but ruined our state and many voters can’t seem to see it. We have two senators who are leftist, one of whom never did her job as attorney general, and selectively enforced laws with which she agreed. We have an out of control Legislature wasting time trying to fight President Donald Trump and an old man for governor who tries to keep Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon and Speaker Anthony Rendon in check, not very successfully. So here comes another bit of legislation. Sanctuary state. Are you kidding me? And where is the media? Missing in action supporting leftist policies only. God help us all. California is all but done.

John Hein, Rancho Murieta


Re “Antifa activists are anarchists, and they’re violent” (Viewpoints, Sept. 7): Ben Boychuk’s dissection of Antifa is, among other things, confused. The word means “anti-fascist,” which I would hope most of us are, rejecting the racism, sexism, anti-labor corporatism and thuggish violence, sometimes mass murder, that have characterized fascist regimes. A deeper analysis teaches that fascism is typically the last resort of ostensibly respectable rulers when working class movements threaten capitalist hegemony. How best to defeat fascists is a legitimate debate, from ignoring to rallying at different locations to confronting loudly. But even the most militant groups of any significance employ violence only in self-defense. Boychuk, like President Donald Trump, equates anti-fascists generally with fascists and opposition to fascism with thuggish tactics of a few masked individuals who operate outside any accountable organization and could well be provocateur plants. In no way do they represent the tens of thousands, often led by democratic left groups, that constitute Antifa for the 99 percent.

David L. Mandel, Sacramento


Throughout President Barack Obama’s term, Congress refused to pass immigration reform. Its failure was due to a commitment to sabotage the president. Speaker Paul Ryan made noncooperation with President Obama official House policy. Recently, Republicans tried to steal healthcare from Americans, ignoring disabled voters who protested and were dragged from their wheelchairs in handcuffs. Today’s GOP legislators boycott town halls to escape the anguished cries of voters in their districts, a luxury only gerrymandered incumbents can afford.

David Barrett, Sacramento

Girl brain

Re “‘A girl brain but a boy body.’ Kindergarten parents outraged over transgender book read in class” (sacbee.com, Aug. 25): I support Rocklin Academy’s sensitive and intelligent handling of a transgender child and family. The teacher and school followed the spirit and letter of two laws protecting transgender children: the Fair Education Act and the School Success and Opportunity Act. What is not reasonable is to use an elementary school, and worse, a child, to advance a political agenda on a national platform. This includes interviews on Fox national news and interviews with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. No child was harmed by the book selection readings or any association with this child or family.

Rebecca Golling, Loomis

‘Stop the Bleed’

Re “California schools not prepared for campus gun violence, audit finds” (sacbee.com, Aug. 31): As trauma surgeons, we know how many people die following blood-loss injuries, at times because they didn’t get help soon enough. Beyond training their staff in “Run, Hide, Fight,” schools and other organizations can also save lives by providing “Stop the Bleed” training. Developed by the American College of Surgeons in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Stop the Bleed offers practical ways to reduce blood loss until emergency responders arrive. The UC Davis trauma surgery team provides Stop the Bleed training in our region.

Drs. David Shatz, Joseph Galante, Jamie Anderson, and David Shatz, Sacramento


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