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Delta tunnels + Head Start + Puerto Rico

Delta tunnels

Re “Farmers rejected the Delta tunnels, but the battle ain’t over. Here’s what Brown should do next” (Editorial, Sept. 20): Local farmers have said that the twin tunnels project cannot work. Water contractor staff and consultants have hidden the project’s defects from their boards of directors while wasting millions of dollars and more than a decade of precious time. At the same time, they demonize and marginalize Delta agriculture, fisheries, environmental needs, levees, municipalities and communities. From the beginning, we’ve known this project would never deliver the certainty that was promised, could not be built on time and budget, and if implemented would turn the Delta into a permanent sacrifice area. We are committed to sustaining farming throughout the state. But the Delta does not have additional water to export for south-of-Delta agriculture during much of the growing season. The water we have must flow through the Delta first to protect our Delta agriculture, fisheries, communities and other uses.

Mark Wilson, Wilson Vineyards, Clarksburg

Head Start

Re “Head Start boosts the economy as well as kids” (Viewpoints, Sept. 25): Head Start boosts the economy for all of the reasons stated in the op-ed, but it has another very important component: prevention. By enabling low-income children to enter school on par with children whose parents can afford private preschool, Head Start gives them a much better chance to be successful. Let’s put more money into Head Start rather than our prisons, where many will end up if not given a leg up. Congress should not cut funding for this most important program.

Barbara Kistner, Carmichael

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands desperately need help. A partial solution is well within our grasp. President Donald Trump should order at least three construction battalions of Navy Seabees to this disaster. They are the best mobile construction group in the world. They have decades of experience and skill in bringing order out of chaos. It’s the kind of thing they do, and do well.

Robert N. Austin, Sacramento


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