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Letters: Equifax outrage + Senate show + Licensing gun owners + After Vegas shooting

Equifax outrage

Re “Senators bewildered by Equifax contract with IRS after hack” (sacbee.com, Oct. 4): Equifax is offering free credit monitoring for one year for the tens of millions of people who had confidential personal data stolen. We are at risk of identity theft for the remainder of our lives. I find the limitation of one year appalling. Presumably, after one year Equifax will attempt to enroll people in its paid credit monitoring service. This should not be allowed. Equifax should be required to provide free credit monitoring for life, since we will be at risk for life.

Timothy Weinland, Carmichael

Once again

Here we are again. An executive is being taken to task for some malfeasance that his company has done. Senators posture, sound outraged and disgusted, and then the curtains are drawn and the theater ends. And nothing is done. Maybe once, if one of these men is jailed even for a week, it might send a message to the business community that a business model like the one exhibited by Equifax is unacceptable. And it might bring a little respect back to our elected officials.

Michael Santos, Antelope

Guns owners

Re “Don’t blame NRA” (Letters, Oct. 4): I really like letter writer Andrew Mattson’s comparison between gun owners and automobile owners. Gun owners, like automobile owners, should have to take a structured class for training and have a permit period where they can use their car or gun in the presence of a licensed driver or gun owner. I also agree that gun owners like car owners should have to carry insurance and that operating your gun without a license and insurance should subject you to penalties.

Molly Amick, Chico

After Vegas

From now on, every firearm and magazine sold in America should be stamped with “After Las Vegas.” In 20 years, 50 years, maybe a century, when an “After Las Vegas” weapon is again used in the latest massacre, perhaps people will begin to recognize that the 2017 Congress could have prevented it.

Kenneth Fox, Elk Grove


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