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Letters: Mike Pence’s protest + Disrespecting veterans + Millionaire athletes + Honoring the American Flag

What is disrespect

Re “Vice President Pence makes quick exit after 49ers kneel for anthem” (Matt Barrows, Oct. 8): When Vice President Mike Pence made his pre-planned exit from the 49ers game, he said he and President Donald Trump would not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers. What about the president dignifying the march by many supposedly “fine people” in Charlottesville who carried Confederate and Nazi flags, which represent governments our soldiers died fighting? In dignifying the event in which those “fine people” marched, Trump and Pence showed dramatically more disrespect for our soldiers, including my father and uncle who fought the Nazis and my wife’s uncle who died doing so, than any athletes who have taken a knee in the hope their protests will help align our actions with our ideals of equal justice for all.

Steven Lewis, Carmichael

Millionaire athletes

What is being accomplished with kneeling during the national anthem? Colin Kaepernick said he was calling attention to police violence and injustice in black America. Has kneeling accomplished that goal? Is this behavior bringing people together to discuss this issue? It has done the opposite by causing divisiveness. How about all the millionaire athletes put their money where their mouths are? Help organize and pay for peaceful meetings with government and police officials, have town hall meetings, hire lobbyists to help create legislation. They accomplish nothing by kneeling, playing the game, and then driving expensive cars back to gated communities.

Janis E. Hightower, Orangevale

Birth control

Re “California sues Trump over rollback of birth control rules” (sacbee.com, Oct. 6): Human beings have the right to their own beliefs. But employers now have the right to use their personal religious views to exclude women’s and couples’ rights to birth control insurance coverage. By the way, I see no mention of eliminating coverage for vasectomies. Not that it would make this new policy right.

Janet Wilde, Sacramento


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