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Letters: Clean Power + Feinstein’s next campaign + Taking a knee

Childhood asthma

Re “EPA set to repeal rule on power plants’ carbon emissions” (Page 1A, Oct. 10): As an air pollution researcher and a parent, I am incredibly concerned that Scott Pruitt, U.S Environmental Protection Agency director, is proposing to revoke the Clean Power Plan and give power plants a license to pollute. This action puts children and other vulnerable people in harm’s way due to air pollution and climate change. The Clean Power Plan, adopted in 2015, would have substantially reduced carbon pollution and other power plant emissions, and prevented an estimated 90,000 asthma attacks in children and 3,600 premature deaths each year once fully implemented. The EPA must reduce carbon pollution because it drives climate change and endangers human health. Climate change leads to warmer temperatures and wildfires, increasing smog formation and particle pollution that cause asthma attacks and premature deaths. More than 1 million children in California suffer from asthma. I urge Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris to defend the Clean Power Plan.

Laura Van Winkle, Davis

Retire Feinstein

Re “Dianne Feinstein’s re-election shouldn’t be a coronation. But here’s what foes will face” (Editorials, Oct. 10): In her 85th year, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has decided to run again. This would keep her in office past age 90. What is it with some politicians like Feinstein and Sen. John McCain? Wealthy beyond imagination, they have nothing better to do than to talk the halls of Congress and be interviewed on television. Do they think they're indispensable? Feinstein doesn’t have to worry that a Republican will replace her. She would be succeeded by a “progressive” Democrat who will vote just as she would. Please retire, senator, and set an example for others addicted to the trappings of Washington.

Charles Hummer, El Dorado Hills

Taking a knee

As an older white woman, I understand exactly why Colin Kaepernick was taking a knee. He is taking a knee now, as Rosa Parks took a seat on the bus. If I could, I would kneel alongside him.

Jan Geiger, Sacramento


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