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Letters: Ending nukes + Mike Pence’s NFL exit + Restrooms for homeless people

Abolish nukes

Re “Group opposing nuclear weapons wins Nobel peace prize” (sacbee.com, Oct. 6): I was so pleased that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. This will only further marginalize the nine countries that obstinately hang on to their devastating stockpiles, while the other 190 countries without them get along quite well without them. Nuclear weapons of today make the atomic bombs used in Japan 72 years ago to be comparative firecrackers. Given the profound and inherent risks associated with nuclear weapons, there are no valid justifications for their further existence.

Don Knutson, Sacramento

Pence’s exit

Re “Vice President Pence makes quick exit after 49ers kneel for anthem” (Matt Barrows, Oct. 8): Protesters who do not want to respect the American flag should realize this flag was at all of the battles and ceremonies during the Civil War, the war fought to preserve the Union and abolish slavery. The flag was also present at the defeat of Nazism and imperialism. It was present when the voting rights act was passed in Congress and when other discrimination laws were passed. The American flag is perfect. Some citizens are not.

A.J. Ponzo, Rocklin


Re “What will it take for homeless people to get a toilet in Sacramento? Oh, just a deadly virus” (Erika D. Smith, Oct. 9): I don’t understand why government officials always opt for the most expensive solution to a problem. I read that Sacramento spent $173,000 for a portable restroom, $29,000 per month. I called a local portable restroom company. Its units cost $195 per month and are serviced weekly. Why not contract with one of them to install units in alleys and along the bike trails where the homeless people congregate? Hepatitis A may be coming and e. Coli is at infectious levels at the local beaches. It is time for a common sense approach. I'm sure the taxpayers would much prefer portable toilets to having to step around feces.

Shari Baelfyr, Rio Linda


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