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Letters: Fake news + Single payer + Ben Shapiro + Electric vehicles

Fake news

Re “Who is in charge of social media? The humans or the machines?” (Editorials, Oct. 8): Responsibility for truth accompanies reporting news. Historically, libel has been the remedy by holding the media financially responsible for injuries to others from its published lies. This was The Sacramento Bee’s second editorial on this topic. A third one is needed describing its suggested changes. I’ve previous commented the solution should be caveat lector, let the reader beware. The Bee’s suggested changes must acknowledge free speech, a free press and exclude government-intervention censorship. Suggested changes should offer solutions how the media will regain the glamor it once had that Facebook and other social media platforms now enjoy. Once achieved, fake news cesspools will cease to exist because their audience will be gone. Readers have more intelligence than this editorial acknowledges. Yet despite their intelligence, readers may enjoy a little fake news from time to time for the entertainment value it provides.

Edward Joseph Pierini, Jr., Sacramento

Single payer

Re “All the best Californians want single payer health care. What’s ailing me?” (California Forum, Oct. 8): Writer Joe Mathews asks what’s wrong with him. What’s wrong is his cavalier attitude toward single payer health care. His first argument is specious, namely that poor people on Medi-Cal have difficulty finding enough doctors. But under a single payer system, all doctors would be available to the poor, the rich, the middle class, and Joe Mathews. His second and primary argument is the old saw about lack of money. Funny how this country can fund walls, tax breaks for the wealthy and armaments, but can’t afford to take care of its citizens. If Mathews had spent some time doing research on single payer instead, he’d know that the funding question has been addressed and not with the lame answers of his straw man argument.

Candida Pugh, Oakland

Ben Shapiro

Re “Who is Ben Shapiro and why do people want to take selfies with him?” (Dan Morain, Oct. 8): I was dismayed to see your light and friendly coverage of Ben Shapiro. This chirpy little lawyer is just a more photogenic version of Steve Bannon. He gives white supremacists, many of whom do not think of themselves that way, a veneer of sophistry and false intellectualism to hide behind while they continue to insulate themselves inside their racist bubbles. A video the Daily Wire shared recently shows the kind of thing Shapiro puts out to entertain his fans. Check Shapiro’s funding stream. I do not believe for a moment that he isn’t involved in alt-right activities funded from foreign countries who wish us harm. Beware the devil with a handsome face and pleasant voice. I expected less gullibility from The Sacramento Bee, quite frankly. I take our history and future as a nation very seriously. We are at war, whether you realize it or not. The soul of our country is at risk.

Lisa Garner, Carmichael

Vegas shooting

Re “We may never know what inspired the Las Vegas shooter. But why did we make it so easy for him?” (California Forum, Oct. 8): Unknown motive of Las Vegas shooter? He did not need a motive. He was paranoid schizophrenic. This is what paranoid schizophrenics do. Could he have been previously identified as such? Maybe, maybe not. In any event, the easy acquisition of guns and ammunition, needs to be corrected if mass shootings are to be stopped. Nevada is an “open carry” state. Did anyone carrying their Second Amendment rights feel safer in that Vegas audience?

Don Anderson, Folsom

EV questions

Re “Ban cars that run on gas? That’s just crazy, California!” (Erika D. Smith, Oct. 8) 2D): Erika D. Smith’s glowing picture of the advantages of electric vehicles leaves a lot of questions unanswered. What will it cost homeowners to add one or two dedicated circuits to a home to charge their vehicles? What about rental properties? What about residences that don’t have garages or neighborhoods where only street parking is available? What about apartment buildings and hotels and motels? How will the additional electricity be generated? In our sweltering summers, we are asked to cut electricity usage. Can our current system support the additional need? Can we generate enough electricity via solar or wind generation or will we have to build new coal and gas fired generating plants?

Carl Agnew, Sacramento


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