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Letters: The American way + Scott Pruitt’s crusade + Trump’s dead end

American way

Re “Subsidies” (Letters, Oct. 21): Letter writer John M. Warren wonders why 98.35 percent of the population has to pay for insurance for 1.65 percent. I’m shocked any American would ask. I am happy to pay for subsidies for health care for others. It may save the life of a child who was hit by a car, or a senior who has a devastating disease. I’d rather people get proper medical care than go to the emergency room in the hospital. I’d rather help pay for medical care so that families don’t have to file for bankruptcy or make a decision to pay rent and buy food or pay for health insurance. I’ll pay for public schools, even though I have no children. I will pay for roads and street lights, even though I don’t like to drive at night. I will pay for police, even though I break no laws. I will pay for libraries even though I download my books. I’m happy to extend what I have to those who are less fortunate. That is what America is all about and I am an American.

Linda Schoeffler, Carmichael

Pruitt’s crusade

Re “EPA keeps scientists from speaking about report on climate” (sacbee.com, Oct. 23): The cancellation of EPA scientist participation in the Narragansett Bay Estuary conference is an example of the troubling withdrawal by President Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency Director Scott Pruitt from an honest dialogue on global warming. There is scientific consensus that climate warming is exacerbating the melting of arctic ice, sea level rise, severity of hurricanes and intensity of wildfires. These life events have profound impact. Pruitt is entitled to his beliefs. However, his actions to suppress an honest dialogue amount to politically motivated attempts to obfuscate basic facts.

Dale Paige, Carmichael

Dead end

Re “We have to become more Trumplike,’ California Republican activists say” (sacbee.com, Oct. 22): If the Republican Party believes the Trump Road is the only road, then this registered Republican of 43 years will promptly change party affiliation. I will never support the charlatan occupying the White House.

Deborah L. Bean, Fair Oaks


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