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Letters: Housing costs + Sexual harassment + UC Davis

Housing costs

Re “Don’t neglect middle class in California’s housing crisis” (Viewpoints, Oct. 24): Tia Boatman Patterson’s op-ed points to California’s affordable housing crisis. Unfortunately, the only proposed solution is more government spending. Why not ask homebuilders why building a low-income housing unit costs $332,000, about $80,000 more than the median home in Dallas or Phoenix. If you can pinpoint items unique to California, maybe one could work to find a solution to reduce the cost, rather than relying on government spending as the only solution. Most builders would love to offer affordable homes, but affordable and California are like oil and water. It’s time to find out why affordable housing and California don’t mix before we lose the middle class completely.

Bruce Wirt, Fair Oaks


Re “After #MeToo, then what? We can’t hashtag our way out of sexual harassment” (Shawn Hubler, Oct. 22): Women don’t need or want pity when they have been sexually harassed. They need more support and anchorage to get their point across. We need to consider that women don’t get taken seriously. It is essential for women to speak up for themselves to improve the work environment. Attitudes and numbers need to change so the younger generation won’t be afraid to speak up. It will be better for woman in the future because we won’t hide behind the man. Get your word out, help others in need. Many of us are hiding, so please stand up.

Alyssa Hay, Plumas Lake

UC Davis

Re “UC Davis administrator commits suicide after booze-fueled staff retreat in Monterey” (sacbee.com, Oct. 25): The drunken scandal in the UC Davis entomology program and sad suicide of the former colonel is an interesting story and well-reported. But it hardly deserves the prominence and space given to it by The Sacramento Bee, when so much else is happening. The events seemingly were an anomaly and not part of a pattern of misbehavior. I cannot remember any similar incidents in my 39 years at UCD.

Al Sokolow, Davis


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