Letters to the Editor

Letters: DMV’s fail + Climate change + Kate Steinle + Closet socialists + Cheech Marin

DMV stumbles

My left hip was replaced Nov. 1. I submitted a form and check to the California Department of Motor Vehicles for a temporary disabled placard by mail on Nov 2. The Postal Service undoubtedly delivered the application by Nov. 5, But the DMV did not process the request until Dec 2, more than four weeks later. The DMV has taken my money but not delivered a usable service. I am more mobile than most who get hip replacements, so lacking a placard was not a severe hardship. But what about people who are older and more infirm. How do they cope? And to whom can we complain, or say that I no longer needed the placard? If there’s such a contact in the DMV, it isn’t to be found on its website. This lackadaisical response by the DMV is standard operating procedure, and in regard to the processing of disabled placards, inexcusable.

Peter Nicoll, Manteca

Climate change

Re “We Californians faced disaster in 2017. What’s in store could be worse” (Editorials, Dec. 3): California does indeed need to plan, keeping in mind the impacts of climate change on fires, drought, floods, sea level rise and heat. However, the state also needs to increase steps to limit greenhouse gas emissions with the ultimate goal of getting to zero. When the Legislature reconvenes in January, it should immediately pass Senate Bill 100 by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, which sets the goal of all electricity having zero carbon emissions by 2045. This bill passed the Senate in 2017 and awaits a vote in the Assembly. If you have not already asked your Assembly member to support SB 100, please do. If you have already asked, ask them again. We can do this. We can show the world that California leads in combating climate change.

Christine Kimball Shewmaker, Woodland

Kate Steinle

Re “Kate Steinle + #MeToo + the GOP tax mess” (TakeTwo, Dec. 3): In your commitment to resist Donald Trump’s presidency, The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board vacated its journalistic responsibilities. Your editorial positions on the astonishing Jose Ines Garcia Zaratea “not guilty” verdict spreads the blame to everyone, but the killer and the jury. Only someone appallingly ignorant or biased could believe Garcia Zarate’s ridiculous and changing lies. Even an accident warrants involuntary manslaughter. Aren’t you curious why the jury rendered such a groundless verdict? I suspect you and I have made the same guess; the jury was willing to sacrifice justice to send Trump a message. Yes, Kate Steinle’s family wants to be left alone, though you know they’ve filed a wrongful death suit. Your position is self-serving. This abomination is about far more than a single injustice.

Harvey Swenson, Sacramento

Jurors’ shoes

A ricocheting bullet fired by a person who should never have been here shatters a wonderful family moment. It was tragic, heartbreaking, and anger producing. The responses to the acquittal verdict are not surprising. In fact, they were expected. What I find surprising is that very few have placed themselves in the shoes, or seats, of the dozen people who had to agree on the decision, based on the facts and instructions given them. They may not have liked what he did, nor did they probably consider Jose Ines Garcia Zaratea “peer.” Nevertheless, what they did do was exercise critical thinking, use open minds, and have the courage to do an unpleasant thing. That’s more than what President Donald Trump and people of like minds did. This isn’t about immigration and border walls. Border walls didn’t prevent the slaughters in Austin, Las Vegas, or Sandy Hook. Put yourself in the jurors’ shoes.

Anthony M. Villanueva, Folsom

Sasha Abramsky

Re “This GOP agenda isn’t business as usual – it’s the politics of plunder. And guess who pays?” California Forum, Sasha Abramsky, Dec. 3): Apparently, writer Sasha Abramsky believes that infecting discourse with a multitude of loaded words will result in an effective and compelling argument. And as annoying and unprofessional as that may be, it must work, because there he is, front-and-center in California Forum. It just doesn’t work for me.

John DeKellis, Rocklin

Closet socialists

Re “How do you know if you can trust what you’re reading” (Anders Gyllenhaal, Dec. 2) Anders Gyllenhaal’s column is perfect. You can’t, especially if written by a liberal academic such Sasha Abramsky. Abramsky sits in his ivory tower while spewing ignorance as to the ways of the real world. The prism through which he views the world is cut so wrong it wouldn’t show the true colors of the rainbow with the purest of light. Why are academics, who obviously possess intellect, so void of reality? President Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts brought in record revenues. The problem is, give politicians a nickel and they’ll spend a dime. Reagan gave them lots of nickels and they spent more dimes. The plunder happens through bloated oppressive government run by closet socialists. Stop giving away our money to people who don’t deserve it. That way we’ll have more to help those who really do.

Stan Frazer, Folsom

Cheech Marin

Re “Letters: Legal weed + GOP’s tax cut plan + Air traffic controllers + Poop on the American River Parkway” (Letters, Dec. 3): Letter writer Michael J. Lamb obviously has not read a paragraph of Richard “Cheech” Marin’s book, “Cheech Is Not My Real Name.” If he had turned a page, he would have discovered, among other things, that Marin was active in the anti-Vietnam War movement, is a pottery artisan, and an avid art collector. Living under Jeff Sessions’ anachronistic and inaccurate world view that marijuana is a dangerous drug, Lamb discounts how one of the world’s most famous stoners has built a successful career and is a genuinely good person. I had the great fortune while working as a server at Alice’s Restaurant on the Malibu Pier to wait on Marin several times. He was always kind, courteous, and never arrogant. He displayed a warm humility. The evidence shows marijuana is far kinder to society than alcohol or opioids. I saw no crying of danger from Lamb about deaths caused by alcohol DUIs, alcohol-related disease and the destruction of families by alcohol-related domestic abuse. Marijuana is beneficial as a medicine for some and a fun distraction to others.

Paul Bergman, Sacramento