Letters to the Editor

Letters: A perfect example of what’s wrong with California labor laws

Labor laws

Re “CHP fought nine years to block an officer with PTSD from returning to work. It lost” (sacbee.com, Dec. 27): Keri Hawkins’ CHP personnel case exemplifies everything that is wrong with state labor laws. In 2001, she was awarded a generous worker’s compensation claim, plus several months of paid time off for a pain in the stomach and depression caused by a work-related accident. After returning to work and assigned to a high-stress job, she was diagnosed with PTSD and awarded a medical retirement, also tax-free, for life.

While collecting her pension she took a job with a police department. She moved back to L.A. and is currently working for an investigator, still collecting her $55,000 pension. In 2008 she asked for her old job back with the CHP. She also can file another expensive worker’s compensation claim, and retire again on a tax-free disability pension based on a much higher salary. Labor laws are heavily tipped in favor of the employee, not the employer. If she wins, she will likely be awarded wages retroactively along with pension service credits to the date she asked to be rehired. California taxpayers and employers can’t afford justice like this.

Marcia Fritz, Sacramento

Trump’s war

Re “Trump finally turns on Flynn” (sacbee.com, Dec. 28): Those who believe Barack Obama is not an American by birthright or astronauts never landed on the moon also believe Donald Trump’s claims of greatness and all his appointees are the best to ever serve. Unfortunately, when the indicted Michael Flynn pleaded guilty and likely agreed to cooperate with the special prosecutor about potential crimes within the Trump administration, Trump and his troupe now paint Flynn in a much different light. Like other reversals made by Trump when caught lying, a wave of denials and descriptions of malfeasance for a newly labeled non-entity are unleashed. Trump has said people believe anything he says so long as he repeats it enough times. His lying strategy is ingrained in his soul, and the truth is repulsed by his anti-magnetic character. Anyone on his plane must be ready to jump because he is primed to kick them.

Dan Fong,

Rancho Cordova