Letters to the Editor

Letters: Blaming Ivanka Trump for blooshed in Gaza is ‘outrageous’

Attacking Ivanka

Ivanka Trump, Gaza violence, and the Jerusalem embassy” (Jack Ohman, May 14): Ohman translates a photograph of Ivanka Trump smiling at the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem into a cartoon of her smiling beside bodies of Palestinian protesters in Gaza and captions it “Ivanka's latest product line.” Ohman's insinuation that she was responsible for and happy about the protesters' deaths is outrageous and incredibly offensive. This travesty demands apologies from him for penning it and from The Bee for printing it.

Barry Mackintosh, Lincoln

Keep DA race local

Anne Marie Schubert must do better. But she's still the best choice for Sacramento DA” (Editorials, May 13): I agree. More can always be done by our public officials and The Bee has some meritorious suggestions. When I was a supervising deputy DA, we didn’t have any community outreach programs or innovative courts that we have now for special-needs violators. We simply prosecuted the offenders and sent them to prison. More recent district attorneys have introduced wonderful programs. The race for DA of Sacramento County must always be non-partisan and funded by local citizens, not outside billionaires with private agendas. The blatant partisanship of Mr. Phillips and references to activities that are not even the DA's duties offends me.

Darrel W. Lewis, retired Superior Court judge, Sacramento

Total ‘smear job’

Sheriff's challenger allegedly steered contracts to future wife. ‘Smear job,’ he responds” (sacbee.com, May 9): How ironic that Sheriff Scott Jones levels an ethics charge against his opponent, Milo Fitch. It seems like 2010 all over again. Readers may recall that Jones was the subject of an FBI corruption investigation that ended when the U.S. Attorney declined to prosecute him. That declination was not an absolution. It meant that the evidence was insufficient to secure a conviction. Jones was never “cleared” of wrongdoing. Now we have Jones claiming as “absolutely true” allegations against Fitch based on nothing more than the allegations. Huh? No investigation of the allegations against Fitch was ever conducted because Fitch retired. But that didn’t stop Jones from concluding that Fitch was dirty. Fairness or politics? It’s time for a new sheriff.

Frank Scafidi, Carmichael

Lay off the taxes

California's budget surplus is billions bigger than expected. Will Jerry Brown spend it?” (sacbee.com, May 11): The U.S economy is booming and so is California’s. As a result of this enhanced economic activity, state revenues are $4 billion ahead of projections so far in 2018 and the state has a large budget surplus. Nevertheless, some politicians in Sacramento would like to impose a new tax on income derived from investments. AB 2731 would tax investment income above and beyond the state tax currently imposed on it. I’m concerned AB 2731 will have a chilling effect on venture capital investment in California; the same investments that have helped to fuel our economy. Responsible legislators, such as Assembly Republican Leader Brian Dahle, ought to vote against it.

Larry Nelson, Granite Bay

Do better, Sac PD

Video of arrest after man allegedly left car running draws sharp Sacramento NAACP criticism” (sacbee.com, May 9): This was another opportunity for Sacramento police to demonstrate that they understand community policing and they failed. The art of being simply human is something these folks have forgotten or maybe never learned. A simple friendly warning would have sufficed. But, no. This officer flexed his authoritarian muscles because he could. When will law enforcement remember they work for us? I think police need to look to other professions, such as social work or medicine, to improve their ethics. First do no harm.

Karla LaZier, Sacramento

Stop ‘race baiting’

Although I agree more needs to be done when it comes to the police and the treatment of African-American males, it really is disgusting to see how The Bee adds to the race-baiting and tension that is running very high in Sacramento. Why did the arrest of somebody not cooperating with the police and leaving his car running outside of a 7-Eleven lead to a front page story? In the past, that may have warranted a small story on the metro page. Why not the huge story of North Korea releasing captives? Shame on you! You are only adding to the anxiety of the people in Sacramento.

Tina Perez, Sacramento

Opioid epidemic

Drug makers and pharmacies must pay for their role in opioid addiction, counties argue” (sacbee.com, May 9): In 1996, a pharmaceutical company, Purdue, released Oxycontin and explained that it wasn’t addictive when treating pain. Information later revealed that Purdue had research on Oxycontin that suggested it was highly addictive. To help solve this epidemic, I agree that it will take many stakeholders to figure out what they can do, whether it’s limiting the types of opioids, limiting the amount of prescriptions, or not prescribing painkillers unless absolutely necessary. It’s fair to file lawsuits against companies that lie about the characteristics of opioids because they are attempting to normalize a whole epidemic that has been killing many of Americans every year for decades.

Daniela Suegav, Lockeford

Deserving a lawsuit

John Parker, the senior vice president for the group representing drug distributors says: “The idea that distributors are responsible for the number of opioid prescriptions written defies common sense” and that “those bringing lawsuits would be better served by addressing the root causes (of opioid addiction).” He misses the point of the lawsuit. These opioids were marketed to doctors and patients in pain as being safe. Would Parker also say that we shouldn’t hold drug pushers and cartels responsible for providing illicit drugs and instead only focus on the root causes of addiction?

James McAlister,


Who else is a ‘babe’?

'He's just a babe': Detective in East Area Rapist case has become an unlikely sex symbol” (sacbee.com, May 9): I was interested to learn that the detective in the East Area Rapist case was attractive, but it raised a few questions in my mind. Since this is apparently front-page news, shouldn't The Bee investigate other prepossessing professionals? I, for one, am eager to know if the county coroner is good-looking, or if any animal control officers are particularly alluring.

Maxfield Morris, Sacramento