Letters to the Editor

Letters: Creating more programs for kids like pop-up events could be beneficial

More programs

“After Arden Fair fights, community centers announce citywide ‘pop-up’ events for youths” (sacbee.com, Jan. 3): Arden Fair mall is private property. Is the socialistic mayor in his usual form of blaming everyone except those responsible? Let's create more programs. Some of these organizations have been around for decades reliant upon donations and volunteers. The other part of this non-existent problem is simply way too much time out of school. It is also a real waste of resources tying up law enforcement to guard what is essentially private property. Considering how the police are held in such regard by certain residents – who should do some volunteering instead of ranting about these things. And not at taxpayer expense, which if it keeps getting wasted would cause many to vote with their feet. Many already have.

Andrew Mattson, Roseville

Law writers

“Camp Fire: PG&E could be prosecuted for murder, attorney general says in filing” (sacbee.com, Dec. 29): I have a question: If PG&E could be charged with murder, etc. for the Paradise Fire, could the California sanctuary law writers receive the same or similar charges for the murder of police officer Ronil Singh? It does seem analogous. Historically, sanctuary was reserved for places of worship, not states. Does anyone have a cogent answer?

Myrna Armstrong, Sacramento

Worn out

“Gavin Newsom’s first hires suggest the next California governor has big health care plans” (sacbee.com, Jan. 7): If you must continue to use the worn-out and erroneously arrived-at figure for the cost of single-payer health care, please include the findings of Assemblyman Jim Wood’s Select Committee on Health Care that found California already spends $400 billion per year on health care. To the additional cost now estimated at some $50 billion to $100 billion to cover every resident, we should take into consideration how paltry a sum that is relative to the huge amounts proposed for projects such as a fast train to nowhere.

Patty Harvey, Willow Creek


“The Latest: House Dems approve plan to re-open government” (sacbee.com, Jan. 3): On the one hand, the president insists on a wall; the Democrats, through Speaker Nancy Pelosi, insist they will not approve of a wall; Senator Chuck Schumer claims his party has better border security solutions for the money. One immigration topic that does not get any coverage is the legal process to enter the country. Rumors are this process is very long and is expensive. If that's true, it's easy to see why illegal immigration happens –it's easier! Why isn't the conversation on what it takes to process a legal immigrant into the USA, what it takes to become a citizen, and what the national government can do to improve this process? Our national conversation should be on creating the best legal immigration system; we need the immigrants who want to come here to live and work with us – and we owe them an efficient system to apply for it.

Jim Hartley, Fair Oaks

Governor knows best

Gavin Newsom’s health plan would restore Obamacare mandate, expand access for undocumented (sacbee.com, Jan. 7): I am thankful we have another California governor who knows what is best for me and my family. I am wondering about the fact that he promotes lawlessness by perpetuating sanctuary for illegal aliens. I am wondering why I am supposed to pay for the health care for illegal aliens out of my own pocket when I can barely afford to pay my own insurance. I was also wondering why the governor has the right to demand I even have health insurance. Why does the governor want to perpetuate the squalor and degradation of the poor by continuing the myth of welfare? The Governor knows best!

Chris Woods, Rancho Murieta