Letters to the Editor

Tips for letter writers

The Sacramento Bee invites letters. To have your letter considered for publication you must include your:

  • Real name
  • Address (only the city will be published)
  • Daytime phone number (will not be published)

We need this information to verify authorship. The information isn't shared outside The Bee. We do not allow pen names.

The Bee has space to print about one third of the letters received. The following tips can help improve the odds of having your letter published.

Keep it brief: 150-word limit

The best letters are short and limited to a single focus. Letters are likely to be condensed and edited for fact-checking, typos, spelling and grammar in the editing process.

Make it timely

Your letter should refer to a recent event and be tied to a Sac Bee print or online article. It should arrive within one week following the event or article publication.

Pace yourself

Letter writers are limited to one letter a month. We count that month as 30 days from the publication date of your last letter. Sometimes we print more or less frequently depending on the quality of the letter.

Submit your letter online

Click here

to submit your letter to the editor. If you'd like to submit an op-ed (500-600 words usually), you may email it to opinion@sacbee.com.

If you have any questions about letters, please call Gary Reed at (916) 321-1909.