Letters to the Editor

Letters Who and what’s to blame in deaths of deputies, etc.

Worthy of their pensions

Re “Gunman leaves a bloody trail” (Page A1, Oct. 25): After Friday’s bloodbath in which two law enforcement officers were killed and another injured, it should be clear that these brave public servants deserve every penny of their pensions.

Taxpayers with jobs that rarely expose them to real danger complain that such public servants are supping at the public trough at their expense do not realize that sometimes these folks do not come home at the end of the day.

They deserve their pensions if they survive the 20 or 30 years they serve without getting killed or gravely disabled, to keep the rest of us safe.

Carol McElheney, Elk Grove

‘Evil in the heart’ to blame

Re “Deputies and their families deserve our heartfelt thanks” (Editorial, Oct. 25): Our region grieves for the loss of Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr., two brave officers who lost their lives protecting the community.

Our prayers go out to their families, friends, and fellow law enforcement officers and departments.

Unfortunately the leftist and agenda-driven Bee Editorial Board again chooses to ignore the evil in the heart of Marcelo Marquez and focus on the tool he used to commit his heinous acts.

The AR-15 rifle did not transform Marquez into an evil monster as much as the editorial board apparently believes and would like the community to believe. There will always be evil in the hearts of men, and our founding fathers were wise enough to recognize this and provide the guarantees in the Constitution for citizens to adequately protect themselves. God Bless our courageous law enforcement officers as they combat evil.

Mike Eitzman, Granite Bay

NRA has explaining to do

As a grandparent whose grandchild was locked down in Placer High School on Friday while a gunman with an AR-15 went on a killing spree, I need the National Rifle Association to remind me why flooding the country with assault weapons has made all of us safer.

The one reform the NRA seems open to consider is taking steps to keep such weapons out of the hands of the insane. The fact that someone gravitates toward assault weapons demonstrates that they are mentally unstable; criminal, paranoid or sociopathic.

That alone should disqualify them from owning one. Let’s stop giving the violent such powerful tools to wreak death and destruction.

Al Franklin, Auburn

Nothing ‘alleged’ about it

Re “Deputy slaying suspect mystery deepens” (Page A1, Oct. 27): The story says the couple “allegedly” led authorities on a six-hour chase. Incorrect.

Dozens of people, citizens and law enforcement alike, witnessed this couple during the chase. They ran. They were pursued.

Whether they are guilty of their crimes, as alleged, is a different matter. But there is no doubt they led law enforcement on a chase. Using the word “allegedly” where witnesses are numerous and certain raises uncertainty where none should exist.

Thomas Farley, West Sacramento

Border security lacking

Marcerlo Marquez, or whatever his name is, has been identified as the murderer of two sheriff’s deputies. He should be identified as the poster boy for stronger border security.

He was deported twice and somehow re-entered the United States. It is exactly this type of person who needs to be prevented from ever entering our country. We need much stronger border security to prevent him and his ilk from harming the innocent citizens.

I grieve for the families of the slain, and curse the families of the killer.

Lennie Chancey, Roseville

Don’t approach cars

Hundreds of brave officers from many agencies were looking for a suspect who shot and killed Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver as he approached a parked car. Yet Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr. and his partner approached a parked car, thinking this may be the suspect, and were themselves shot.

Police departments should change their policy to: Never approach a stopped car for any reason. Draw weapons and order the occupants out of the car, even for a minor traffic stop. Even at the expense of people’s rights if it saves just one officer.

Those rights are not worth officers’ lives. What a huge loss that these two officers were killed and yes, they should have killed the suspect. Taxpayers will care for him, and possibly his wife, for the rest of their lives while we have lost two fine officers.

Rest in peace, Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis Jr.

Paul E. Adler, Roseville

Democrats enable ‘mayhem’

Want more mayhem? Vote Democrat. The devastating loss of our peace officers last week underscores that policies and votes matter.

The time is now to lock our borders as we would lock our own front doors. If you want more mayhem caused by illegal border crossers in our society, vote Democrat.

It is the policies of President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and others in the Democrat Party who make it more likely that these types of incidents will happen more frequently.

Bill Carpenter Jr., Fair Oaks

‘How low would they go’

Re “Rush is on to get Americans ready for new voting laws” (Page A8, Oct. 23): I appreciated your article about changes in voting laws and the chaos, confusion and disenfranchisement they are causing.

The article left out a very important fact: 100 percent of this nonsense has been created by the GOP in its attempt to stay in power by suppressing the voting rights of fellow Americans who are unlikely to vote for Republicans.

Case in point: Texas allows voters to use gun licenses as ID, but students can’t use their college ID. Who do you think that benefits?

Republicans cite voter fraud as the reason for these repressive new laws despite the fact that any significant voter fraud has been disproven repeatedly. The fact that Republican lawmakers and Republican appointees to the Supreme Court are giving paid public servants the green light to trample on voting rights should make you think how low would they go to keep the power.

John Campbell, Sacramento