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Curtis Park bullies developer

Curtis Park bullies developer

Re “Dollar store, discounters proposed for Curtis Park” (Insight, Dec. 17): Paul Petrovich may be a bully, but so are the residents of Curtis Park, and they’re snobs.

Residents of Curtis Park fought the village Petrovich is building because they didn’t want it in their backyards.

Now they want to dictate what stores will go in the shopping center. Whole Foods? Bel Air? These are the shops of the upper class to make themselves feel good about what they are buying. Stores like these will guarantee that the residents who buy homes will be rich, like residents of Curtis Park. This sort of snobbery is far more distasteful than a developer who wants to build homes near public transportation.

Bridget Whitted, Folsom

Delta Shores will worsen sprawl

Re “Construction to start soon on South Sacramento shopping center” (Page 3A, Dec. 16): Was the developer of Delta Shores laughing when he stated that the tenants are regional in nature?

Do Councilmen Rick Jennings and Larry Carr believe big-box hulks such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Petsmart, Ross and Sleep Train will add anything other than crime and congestion?

These national corporations kill small businesses. The Sacramento City Council and urban planners continue the legacy of brainless urban planning, caving to developers to create sprawl and letting the city become a mass of gridlocked freeways.

Margaret Lewis, Sacramento

Homeless man makes the point

Re “Culinary outpost set in Carmichael” (Insight, Dec. 15): While your article reports on improvements that everyone hopes Milagro Center will bring to our declining community, publishing a photo of the new center with a homeless fellow toting his worldly goods reflects what is really happening in our community.

No amount of glitz will take the place of a basic cleanup. That has to include making provisions for our homeless population, and addressing recent murders and drug busts near this project.

We’ve lived here since 1965 and can certainly see and feel the decline. A fancy marketplace will not revitalize the community until the infrastructure is repaired.

Ellen Wildfeuer, Carmichael

Rondo’s apology falls short

Re “Rondo: ‘I am truly sorry’ for gay slur” (Sports, Dec. 16): Think how much more personal and genuine if Rajon Rondo had flown to the city where Bill Kennedy was officiating his next game, met him for a cup of coffee and spoken the words to him directly. Surely Rondo would have gotten special dispensation from the Kings to miss practice.

Paul Schnitt, Sacramento


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