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Katehi and DeVry

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi recently resigned from DeVry Education Group board of directors.
UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi recently resigned from DeVry Education Group board of directors. rbenton@sacbee.com

DeVry sorry to lose board member

Re “Under pressure, UCD chancellor quits for-profit school firm” (Page 1A, March, 2): I thank UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi for joining DeVry Education Group’s board of directors and regret the pressure put on her to resign.

DeVry Group institutions are an integral part of the nation’s, and California’s, educational system and Katehi’s board presence would have benefited our students.

DeVry’s directors, who represent institutions including George Mason, Princeton and other universities, see through the heated rhetoric and recognize our accomplishments.

From 2009 to 2014, more than 16,500 Hispanic and African American men earned degrees from our institutions. DeVry University has more than 27,000 California alumni and 250,000-plus nationwide. University alumni have worked at major employers, including 95 at Fortune 100 companies. These are typically adult students, working parents, career changers or those looking to improve their current job prospects. Exactly the kind of skilled workers California needs to compete in the global economy. Their success is California’s success and meeting their educational needs is our mission.

Daniel Hamburger, president and CEO

DeVry Education Group

UCD chancellor needs to go

In private industry, if an executive took a position on the board of a competitor they would be fired on the spot. Many companies encourage executives to be on other companies’ boards, but not with competitors.

UC Davis should put the wheels in motion to replace Chancellor Linda Katehi. Common sense doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite for the job. Get her out of there; she lacks judgment.

Charles Woods, Elk Grove


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