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Concealed carry permits, Moody’s, Trump

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, center, who is running for Congress, has overseen a twentyfold increase in concealed weapons permits during his tenure in Sacramento County’s top law enforcement job.
Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, center, who is running for Congress, has overseen a twentyfold increase in concealed weapons permits during his tenure in Sacramento County’s top law enforcement job. mcrisostomo@sacbee.com

Editorial misleads on CCW permits

Re “Don’t blame Jones for making good on a pledge” (Editorials, May 3): The Sacramento Bee’s editorial condemning Sheriff Scott Jones’ issuance of carrying concealed weapons permits is misleading. The editorial states that the policy is unwise because guns in the home allegedly cause an increase in suicides, and toddlers have fired guns in the home 23 times this year.

The editorial fails to explain how the issuance of CCW permits causes that. There are guns in many people’s homes, even without a CCW permit. Permit holders are law-abiding citizens. The background check is extensive, and the permit requires 16 hours of training and education, and a personal interview with the sheriff’s staff. CCW permit holders are not the problem.

Jeff Angeja, Folsom

Ed board way off target on guns

What logic does The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board use to tie those who legally own a firearm in California and have gone through the legal process to carry their firearm concealed to that of a firearm being used by a mentally deranged person to kill themselves or a firearm carelessly being left out and found by a child?

What about those who have guns, who cannot legally own guns and also carry them illegally? Which group do you believe represents a greater threat to the public?

Jack Sturges, West Sacramento

Why link CCW permits to deaths?

Bravo to The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board for not reporting the details of the facts. The article goes from discussing the issues of different counties having different rules to association of in-home suicide rates and with toddlers getting hold of someone’s gun and firing it. Where are the statistics that this resulted from those with carrying concealed weapons permits? How many were just individuals owning guns legally?

I just spent eight hours today and will spend eight hours tomorrow going through CCW training. I did this to understand the process more fully. Will I apply for a CCW permit? Maybe. Either way I will be more educated regarding the process than some editorial writers, most everyday gun owners and illegal gun owners.

J. Garets, Fair Oaks

The reality about gun rights

Re “Local police object as states boost gun rights” (Insight, May 4): It appears that since the election of President Barack Obama, gun ownership and gun rights have radically expanded and gun regulation weakened. In many states it is easier to obtain a concealed weapon permit, and you can now carry guns into bars, day care centers, churches and universities.

What I find interesting is that upon the re-election of Obama, the right was so certain that Obama would radically limit gun rights and disarm the American people that gun and ammunition sales went through the roof.

This article seems to show that the exact opposite happened during Obama’s presidency: gun ownership and rights expanded, not decreased. It is unfortunate that the Republican Party and the NRA used extreme hyperbole and falsehoods to frighten and mislead the American public. It is even more unfortunate that the media and the public did not do a better job holding this country’s elected officials more accountable to the truth and decent behavior.

Kevin Fine, Sacramento

Moody’s flunks credibility test

Re “A sobering message on budget” (Insight, Dan Walters, May 2): It takes a lot of nerve for Moody’s Investor Service to lecture California, or any other state, on its budget or fiscal risk after contributing to the Great Recession – the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Moody’s and the other major credit rating agencies rated risky mortgage-backed securities with AAA ratings, allowing the real estate bubble and subsequent collapse.

Paul Milkey, Sacramento


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