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Dead honeybees, imperial presidency, AR-15s, health care plans

A beekeeper in the Arden area says some of his bees were killed after aerial spraying for mosquitoes by the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District.
A beekeeper in the Arden area says some of his bees were killed after aerial spraying for mosquitoes by the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District. Wisconsin State Journal

Mosquito spraying also killed my bees

Re “Mosquito spraying set for Carmichael, Arden Arcade” (Local, June 22): On Wednesday evening, the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District aerially sprayed my Arden-area neighborhood with insecticide to decrease the mosquito population. Although my two beehives were semi-sheltered underneath my side porch, the next morning I found hundreds of dead bees outside of my hives with some bees still flipping around on the ground.

After we were all sprayed again the next evening, I found more bees on the ground writhing in their death throes. While I still have thousands of bees that were protected and unaffected inside the hive, I am disheartened that spraying to kill mosquitoes also kills honeybees. I wonder if other beneficial insects, like dragonflies and butterflies, were also killed by this indiscriminate insecticide spraying.

Richard Cuny, Sacramento

Oppose imperial presidency

Re “Supreme Court tie stops Obama immigration plan” (Page 1A, June 24): President Barack Obama is correct in believing our immigration policies are not adequate. But he is wrong in believing he can use his personal edict to fix it, circumventing the Constitution, Congress and existing law. Our Constitution does not allow imperial presidents.

But what should disturb people the most about this is that four of the Supreme Court Justices voted to allow an imperial presidency. Unfortunately Hillary Clinton agrees with them, and if elected president would appoint another judge like them to create a majority on the court, substituting the beliefs of elites for our Constitution.

Like him or not, Donald Trump is the only candidate for president that would not appoint another judge like them. Our Constitution is what holds our diverse nation together. Ignore it and abandon it and our country will descend into chaos.

Bill Jurkovich,

Citrus Heights

Overreacting to AR-15 rifles

Re “GOP and the safety of our U.S. family” (Letters, June 23): Calls for banning the AR-15 rifles are misguided. Arguments that misrepresent the facts should be ignored. Thursday’s letter writer said: “Republicans in Congress are refusing to restrict an automatic weapon from a known possible terrorist.”

There is already a restriction on automatic weapons. The AR-15 is not an assault weapon; it’s a semi-automatic that resembles an M-16, and has a removable magazine that can hold from 10 rounds to many more.

There are many other semi-automatic rifles with removable 10-round magazines. The Orlando, Fla., shooter Omar Mateen could have used any of them and simply reloaded more often. Reacting to the appearance of the AR-15 is knee-jerk. Concentrate on magazine capacity, not a gun’s “appearance.” Congress should reinstate the high-capacity magazine ban and close loopholes in background checks.

Michael Mendershausen,

El Dorado Hills

An alternative to GOP health plan

Re “House Republicans offer proposals to replace health law” (Business, June 23): After numerous attempts to repeal Obamacare, the Republicans have finally offered an alternative. As expected, their proposal falls far short of being truly cost effective and comprehensive. Their legislative details are extremely vague when they say the proposal won’t be in place until a Republican is in the White House.

Until then, how about a nonpartisan plan for all, such as a single-payer health care system, like they have in Britain and Canada or something similar in Germany and France?

Under single-payer, health insurance premiums and employer contributions would be replaced by much smaller tax payments from individuals and employers.

Despite the U.S. health care system’s spending of nearly 50 percent more than the countries mentioned above, the U.S. does not have better health outcomes by comparison. U.S. life expectancy is lower, chronic diseases are more widespread and infant mortality is higher.

Jerry Marr, Davis

In support of clean fuel standards

Re “Brown’s vow on oil in trouble” (Insight, June 22): Dan Walters’ commentary on California’s leadership in reducing the harm caused by petroleum fuels provides another glimpse into the undue influence held by the oil industry. It has poured more than $25 million into lobbying this legislative session to roll back clean air and climate protections.

That’s because they know the facts are against them. Petroleum causes more than 80 percent of smog-forming pollution in California and half of climate pollution. Research shows that the low carbon fuel standard will save hundreds of lives, prevent tens of thousands of asthma attacks and avoid more than $8 billion in health damages caused by petroleum by 2025.

The governor and Legislature should stand firmly behind California’s clean fuels standard and other clean air and climate laws, and reject any attempts to weaken them.

Will Barrett, Sacramento


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