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GOP platform, climate change, Melania’s speech, Clinton’s emails, Placer libraries

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke about fear and terrorism on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke about fear and terrorism on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Associated Press

GOP platform ignoring the facts

Re “GOP platform would reverse U.S. energy and climate policy” (Page 10A, July 20): In December of last year the leaders of 195 countries gathered in Paris. It was the greatest assemblage of world leaders in history. They came together to say that climate change is real, and each country then submitted a written plan detailing how it would fight climate change to protect the planet.

The Republican Party adopted a platform Monday that called the priority placed on climate change under President Barack Obama “the triumph of extremism over common sense, and Congress must stop it.”

Today federal scientists noted that globally June was the 14th straight record hot month, that 2016 to date is by far the hottest year on record and that we are close to the global warming levels that the Paris climate conference said we must avoid.

The Republican Party platform is now officially living in a post-factual world.

Harold Ferber, Elk Grove

Advice of Giuliani would be helpful

Re “We need a path for justice and peace” (Editorials, July 19): At the end of The Sacramento Bee’s editorial it says “all words matter,” and then it shames Donald Trump for saying our country is a divided crime scene. Yet, near the beginning of the editorial, it states the need to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities, describing it as madness. Is this not divided?

Then, as Hillary Clinton issues statements condemning the killing of police officers and offers platitudes about reforms, as well as other clichés, the editorial board seems to hitch its wagon to Clinton with the hope she will somehow lead us to Utopia.

While the editorial states concrete action is needed, I prefer to think this will best come from Trump responding to advice from people like Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sheriff David Clarke.

Jerald L. Parsoneault, Roseville

Bigger issues than Melania’s speech

Re “Questions over Melania Trump’s speech set off finger-pointing” (Insight, July 20): So, in her speech to the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump makes two statements about the importance of family values and the value of hard work, but the speech writers may have used the same phrases that Michelle Obama’s speech writers used in her speech years ago. And Melania is vilified.

Hillary Clinton used her own words as Secretary of State in emails on an unsecured server, which contained top secret information vital to the United States. And she gets a pass. Utter nonsense.

Patti Gantenbein,


Placer faulted for closing libraries

Kudos to Placer County Grand Jury for its report “Closing our Libraries.” The grand jury found fault with the way this very sad situation was handled by county government. Loomis and Meadow Vista had their libraries closed in spite of strong community support. As a Loomis resident, I feel robbed and not represented.

Why wasn’t this issue covered?

Susan Dobies, Loomis

Veteran thanks the VA at Mather

I receive all my medical care from the VA due to service-connected injuries and illness. I am proud to be a Marine as well as a Vietnam vet. Recently I was admitted to the VA Medical Center at Mather in Rancho Cordova.

Over the years, I have read and heard nightmarish stories of long waits and inadequate care of our veterans. I cannot speak for every veteran, but as for my experiences I have been very happy with the care received from the staff and doctors at the Mather VA hospital. They were caring, supportive, informative and have made a difficult and painful situation bearable.

I thank them each and every day for their kindness, help and support.

Robert F. Ennis,



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