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Letters: Streetcars, dreams, light rail, militias and environment

An artist’s rendering of the proposed Old Sacramento Station with two streetcars and Tower Bridge in the background, part of a proposed Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar project linking West Sacramento and Sacramento.
An artist’s rendering of the proposed Old Sacramento Station with two streetcars and Tower Bridge in the background, part of a proposed Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar project linking West Sacramento and Sacramento. Portland-based HDR Inc.

A bigger dream for streetcar system

Re “Streetcar plan hits bumps, keeps rolling” (Editorials, Aug. 19): Imagine if the streetcar made a loop from downtown Sacramento across the Tower Bridge through the Bridge District to a new Broadway Bridge, down Broadway to 16th Street and back downtown.

That is just too exciting to think about. It would provide a vital link through areas of tremendous residential and retail development. City leaders, please think about fast-tracking the building of the bridge and consider running the trolley over it.

Janet Elliott, Sacramento

Trolleys are a waste of money

The plan for a streetcar system between Sacramento and West Sacramento is a huge waste of money. We travel a lot and use trolleys in the U.S., Canada and Europe. They are operated by locals who know the region and have information to share. They are not as expensive to operate as those proposed for Sacramento and West Sacramento. Officials should quit wasting our money for over-inflated ideas.

Debra Kapitan,


A potential gold mine

Re “Grant puts streetcar dreams back on track” (Local, Aug. 17): The streetcar idea is a potential gold mine. It could provide much-needed parking at Raley Field, for Golden 1 Center events and revenue for Sacramento and West Sacramento.

Cars could be parked at Raley Field with transportation to and from the Golden 1 Center provided by the streetcars. Parking fees could be used to help fund the streetcars as well as pay for additional security at the lot. The potential funds could boost the ability to pay for bonds required for construction of the lines. It seems to be a win-win solution to the parking nightmare many have predicted.

Eileen Glaholt, Sacramento

Great idea for light rail on Howe

Re “An idea for ‘large pot of money’ ” (Letters, Aug. 19): Kathy Stricklin’s idea of a light rail connector on Howe Avenue between Highway 50 and Interstate 80 is a great idea.

For the Sacramento region to continue its quest to make the region more responsive to the realities and needs of all of us, ideas like this should be embraced.

Added benefits to Stricklin’s idea would be easier access to CSUS, Cal Expo and Arden Fair; helping to alleviate daily gridlock and pollution on Howe Avenue would certainly improve air quality.

Stephen R. Hoover,


Regulated militias are a state’s right

Re “NRA’s big lie about 2nd Amendment” (Letters, Aug. 16): Bill Durston’s letter nails it correctly: Until 2008, our Supreme Court agreed that the Second Amendment confers a collective right to maintain well-regulated armed state militias ... not an individual right.”

His critic (“Right to guns emphasized”; Aug. 17) has one thing correct: The right to bear arms pre-existed the Constitution. It repeats a proviso in Articles of Confederation 1787 requiring each state to maintain “a well-regulated militia” keeping sufficient weaponry “in public stores.” The newly independent colonies then had to defend their western frontiers as well as eastern. They remained wary of creating a standing federal military. So each state, as a people, had to provide for its defense.

If read entirely, the Second Amendment does not even deal with individual gun rights.

Urgently, our Supreme Court must revisit its 2008 decision – a big mischief-maker.

Dale M. Heckman, Davis

Debt paid, they deserve a vote

Re “Anything for a Democratic vote” (Letters, Aug. 18): Why is the author of the letter assuming all felons will vote for Democrats?

The issue is much bigger than Democrats vs. Republicans. The idea of going to jail and paying your debt to society is that once freed, people deserve a second chance to live a productive life. And everyone deserves to be part of the Democratic process and to be able to vote. Refusing to let ex-felons vote because of a fear they won’t vote the way you want is selfish and short-sighted.

Ellen C. Robinson,


Legislature should pass SB 32

As a public health student, this bill matters to me because future generations will have to deal with this problem. The climate change, the drought and wildfires in California are issues we are currently facing. Senate Bill 32 is one step to preventing these conditions from worsening.

Passing this bill would mean we are taking initiative to better care for the environment.

Tina Tran, Oakland


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