Some thoughts on campaign’s final day

I’m not an excessively religious person, but one phrase has been bouncing around in my head for awhile.

“Thank God.”

I know, the campaign seemed longer than the Cubs’ wait for a World Series championship. But in a day – maybe 30 hours, probably less, but who’s counting – our long national nightmare will be over, and we can get on to important things, like wondering if its OK to eat all the leftover Halloween candy.

Despite the length and the tone of the presidential campaign, I’m still left with a few perplexing questions.

All those signs I keep seeing at rallies that say “Women for Trump.” Really?

How come Donald Trump wants you to believe that all the women who accused him of groping and sexual misconduct are total liars, but all the women who accused Bill Clinton of the same thing are telling the truth?

No matter who wins Tuesday, can we keep Michelle Obama around to give a speech every month or so just to inspire us?

Is the country really in as lousy a shape as Trump would have all of us believe?

After all we know about Trump, after what he’s said and done, after all the people he’s insulted, after how he’s conducted this campaign, how he is totally unqualified to be president, what we know about some of the folks who attend his rallies – how on earth can this presidential race even be close?

Did Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi really say Trump would be a good role model? Seriously?

Do the folks who keep yelling “Lock her up” – and yes, Pam Bondi, you were one of them – realize Hillary Clinton has never been found guilty of anything? Or even formally charged with a crime?

To all the Republicans who are already talking about impeaching Hillary Clinton – can we at least let her take the oath of office before you get to work on throwing her out?

Melania Trump the other day said she wants to help get rid of cyberbullying. She said there is a bad side to social media. She also said our culture is getting too mean. Does this woman really know who she is married to?

Will the sexting messages of creepy perv Anthony Weiner actually affect the election? Why?

One more time, because this is something that really astounds me – how can the presidential race even be close? Do people really believe the scam Trump is trying to sell the American people? Do people really believe he is honest?

If Hillary Clinton wins, will she just get rid of all the computers in the White House and do all of her corresponding with pen and paper?

If you are voting for Marco Rubio for the Senate, does it bother you in the least that he will be running for president again in about a week?

Does the latest news about more Clinton emails make you sorry that you voted early?

Why didn’t Trump University become a bigger issue?

Was the incredible Game 7 of the World Series the perfect antidote for the toxic presidential campaign?

Just wondering …

Gary Stein is a columnist for the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He can be contacted at