A test to see how closely you’ve been watching President Trump

Happy hundredth day of the Trump administration! Hey, only one thousand, three hundred and – no, wait. Don’t count down the days. It'll make you crazy. Let’s just see how closely you’ve kept an eye on our commander-in-chief so far:

1. Early in his first round of calls to foreign leaders, Donald Trump told British Prime Minister Theresa May …

A: “The relationship between our two nations is a special one, and always will be.”

B: “If you travel to the U.S., you should let me know.”

C: “I’ve just finished reading a very long book about all the kings.”

2. During his first official meeting with congressional leaders, Trump zeroed right in on …

A: His desire to be fully briefed on the details of the federal budget.

B: His complaint that Barack Obama’s dog had left hair on the furniture.

C: How millions of illegal voters robbed him of a popular vote majority.

3. The public soon learned that their new president liked to spend the early morning hours …

A: Twittering about stuff he saw on Fox News.

B: Reading the Bible.

C: Walking in disguise through government buildings, chatting with workers on the night shift.

4. In remarks celebrating Black History Month, Trump went out of his way to praise the great ex-slave turned civil rights leader Frederick Douglass. However, the president did not appear to know that …

A: Black History Month was already over.

B: Frederick Douglass was not currently alive.

C: Frederick Douglass was not the guy who starred in “Spartacus.”

5. At his first National Prayer Breakfast, Trump told the audience that …

A: His search for understanding of the meaning of life was unending.

B: He was working hard to learn more about the Muslim faith.

C: The ratings for “The New Celebrity Apprentice” are much lower now with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host.

6. Celebrating Women’s History Month, Trump asked a roomful of women …

A: “Have you ever read the poems of Phillis Wheatley?”

B: “Do you know the story of how Deborah Sampson Gannett fought in the Revolutionary War?”

C: “Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony?”

7. When Trump asked an audience, “What can look so beautiful at 30?” he was referring to …

A: An airplane.

B: A new mother.

C: Melania when they were dating.

8. In an early-morning tweet, Trump claimed that during the campaign President Barack Obama …

A: Whispered, “I know you'll be better than Hillary.”

B: Had him wiretapped.

C: Tried to break up him and Vladimir Putin.

9. As the Republicans were working on the Obamacare-repeal bill, Trump told a meeting of governors …

A: “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

B: “Nobody knew it was hard to get Republicans to agree.”

C: “Nobody knew some people don’t have insurance.”

10. Trump had his first meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and said that “after listening for 10 minutes” he’d learned …

A: Handling North Korea was “not so easy.”

B: “Fortune cookies didn’t come from China.”

C: “Beijing is a really big city.”

11. In one of his first bill signings, Trump repealed an Obama-era rule about people who are so mentally disabled they’re unable to handle their own Social Security payments. The change allows them to …

A: Get better mental health care.

B: Get better financial advice.

C: Buy guns.

12. Describing Obamacare patients, Trump said …

A: “They think colonoscopies come on a silver platter.”

B: “They’re not the Republican people that our representatives are representing.”

C: “They’re probably very bad golfers.”

13. When international concerns about a possible North Korean missile test rose, Trump said he was sending “an armada” to take care of the problem. The only hitch was that …

A: He was under the impression “armada” was a form of Mediterranean dessert.

B: The ships in question were sailing in the other direction.

C: The ships in question belonged to Canada.

14. Describing the moment when he gave the order to shoot missiles into Syria, Trump said at the time he was …

A: Eating “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen.”

B: Reading the Bible.

C: Consulting with Ivanka and Jared.

15. Asked about his first 100 days, Trump said one thing he’d never realized was …

A: How big the White House pool is.

B: How big Air Force One is.

C: How big American government is.

ANSWERS: 1-B; 2-C; 3-A; 4-B; 5-C; 6-C; 7-A; 8-B; 9-A; 10-A; 11-C; 12-B; 13-B; 14-A; 15-C