Another View: Maria Shriver’s ‘Envelope Please’ initiative directs help to people who need it

In your editorial about “The Envelope Please” project ( “A tipping economy vs. living wage,” Sept. 18), you missed the point.

“The Envelope Please” is a person-to-person initiative. It’s not meant to be a substitute for paying workers a living wage; it’s a direct response to individuals asking us at A Woman’s Nation and The Shriver Report what they could do themselves to make a difference in the lives of working women, independent of the government or businesses.

“The Envelope Please” is a direct response to room attendants who’ve asked me to help spread awareness about the unfortunate fact that they often get overlooked when it comes to tipping in the hospitality industry. This is about educating people and giving them a chance to do something themselves.

This is in keeping with other person-to-person initiatives we have created. There is a A Woman’s Nation lending team focused on granting loans to aspiring entrepreneurial women. A volunteer squad, the Shriver Corps, much like WEConnect, the one I started as first lady.

The living wage debate is a good one, and it should be happening in government both on a national and local level, in businesses both large and small, and in homes where people hire others to support them as they try to make a living wage themselves.

In Sacramento, you, better than anyone, know how long it takes for government and others to respond to issues.

A Woman’s Nation doesn’t wait, we just create. I’m sorry The Bee didn’t get that message, but I’m grateful so many other people do.