Raw milk is safe and helps strengthen our immune systems

Raw milk is sold at 600 California stores.
Raw milk is sold at 600 California stores. LNP/AP

A recent opinion article by Vidhi Jhaveri repeated the same old, tired message of unsafe risky raw milk with no benefits (“Raw milk needs to be regulated,” Viewpoints, July 2).

Why would a well-trained pediatrician ever advocate for highly allergenic processed milk? After all, breast milk is not sterile, processed or heated.


Researchers at UC Davis have found that breast milk contains at least 700 different types of bacteria, a range of active enzymes, heat-sensitive immune cells, un-denatured proteins and even human pathogens.

Yet doctors worldwide recommend breast feeding. It has been clearly shown that babies fed on breast milk have fewer ear infections or allergies, and rarely suffer from asthma, immune system or digestive issues.

Mark McAfee

Breast milk is raw milk. They share a similar pathway to many of the same immune-system building health benefits. Researchers now know that babies need to be exposed to diverse bacteria or their immature immune systems simply will not develop or function.

Eating unprocessed foods – and drinking raw milk – also provides a diversity of bacteria. When we consume sterile, highly processed foods and take antibiotics, we become at higher risk for immune system illnesses.

There are 600 stores in California that carry organic raw milk. Every batch of that raw milk is tested using rapid technologies that provide pathogen data in 10 hours, long before the products ever leave the farm or are consumed.

These products are low risk and very safe. I invite the doctor to visit Organic Pastures Dairy Co. and see what clean, safe raw milk is all about.

Mark McAfee is chairman of the Raw Milk Institute and CEO and founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. near Fresno. He can be contacted at

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