Another View: Don’t blame anti-abortion videos or protesters

Hanna Keller, 19, center, of Rocklin joined protesters at a Planned Parenthood in Sacramento in July.
Hanna Keller, 19, center, of Rocklin joined protesters at a Planned Parenthood in Sacramento in July. Sacramento Bee file

A Nov. 30 Sacramento Bee editorial asked, “Who is to blame for the tragedy in Colorado?” and accused anti-abortion advocates and investigative videos in particular for the three deaths at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Let’s consider another video that shows a Chicago police officer shooting a young man 16 times, while the young man’s limbs twitch and steam arises from his slumped body. City officials and the police union tried to prevent this video from being released.

The video cited in the editorial shows Planned Parenthood doctors describing how they pull legs and arms off 5-month-old fetuses, decapitating them and crushing their skulls. Planned President Cecile Richards apologized for the “tone” of the video, but did not dispute the details.

Do both these videos outrage the average American? They should. Yet we don’t blame the dash-cam video or the Black Lives Matter advocates for subsequent violence.

Likewise, we cannot blame the well-documented videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress or the millions of peaceful pro-life advocates for the violent actions of one crazed man in Colorado Springs.

While claiming that “words matter,” abortion supporters attempt to use dehumanizing terms such as “product of conception,” “clump of cells” and “contents of your uterus” to describe fetuses. But the heart and mind knows that at least one human life is killed in every abortion. This is not inflammatory rhetoric. These are facts.

Recent federal statistics show a historic low for the number of abortions as more Americans reject them. Our organization is pro-life, pro-woman and pro-peace. We are the powerful voice of millions of women who have experienced abortion.

Don’t blame videos or peaceful advocates for violence. We must join together to declare all lives matter, regardless of the age of the victim.

Wynette Sills is state director of Californians for Life. She can be contacted at