Here’s why Trump is best presidential candidate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign stop Thursday in Portland, Maine.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign stop Thursday in Portland, Maine. The Associated Press

Do you feel safe from a terrorist attack? I don’t. Neither does Donald Trump, so he is proposing to significantly increase funding for the military.

Is the economy thriving? I don’t think so. Neither does Trump, so he is calling for tax and regulatory relief to increase jobs and incomes.

Is the border secure? I share Trump’s view that the answer is no, so I am pleased that he is proposing significant increases in Border Patrol agents, the construction of a border wall and an effective system of monitoring visitors to our country.

Are our children getting a quality education? Half of our children aren’t graduating from high school. Trump knows this is the worst form of discrimination and he is determined to change that outcome for families, regardless of where they live.

Are Social Security and Medicare secure? Trump knows that the actuarial reality is that we need increased employment to sustain the benefits promised to our parents, so he is focused on getting the economy growing again.

Are veterans respected? Trump thinks how veterans are being treated is deplorable, so he is proposing significant changes.

Do you have better health care today than 10 years ago? We are all experiencing increasing premiums and deductibles and declining choices. Trump knows this is hammering the American people and he is determined to provide greater consumer choice through competition among insurance companies across state lines.

This list of pertinent questions and policy responses goes on and on. Trump is asking why the answer from the political elites has been: “No, but we are working on it.” He is saying that after years of dysfunctional and ineffective leadership in Washington, “You’re fired.”

Trump gets things done. You may not like how he gets it done, but the work does get completed. That is the first reason why I’m supporting Trump.

Trump is making the important point that he can’t be bought by bandit lobbyists or their robber baron bosses from Wall Street. The money sloshing around Washington, D.C., and the lack of disclosure about the source of these funds is a corrosive influence that benefits narrow special interests to the detriment of our country. That is the second reason why I’m supporting Trump: He can’t be bought.

It is obvious that Trump is unafraid of political correctness or the media or the Clinton machine or any other totem of American politics. When confronting Vladimir Putin or the Islamic State or the Chinese or the North Koreans, we need someone in the Oval Office who is prepared to take out the big stick and use it. That’s the third reason why I’m supporting Trump: He doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Campaigns are brutal, as they should be. Whoever wins will have battle scars and be less than perfect. My hope is that when this is over, we will have a president who is battle tested, independent, knowledgeable about how the real world works, a truth teller and focused on making America great again.

Yes, I’m voting for Donald Trump.

Doug Ose represented California’s 3rd Congressional District from 1999 to 2005. He can be contacted at