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Editorial: Cortez Quinn should step down from Twin Rivers school board

Cortez Quinn should do the honorable thing and resign immediately from his position on the Twin Rivers Unified school board. If he does not, the Twin Rivers board at their 6 p.m. meeting today should pass a resolution of censure that calls upon him to resign.

Quinn has been charged with four felony counts of perjury, four felony counts of filing false documents and five misdemeanor counts related to $55,000 in illegal loans from a district employee.

These latest charges come on top of a Fair Political Practices Commission fine of $14,000 in February for accepting loans and cash gifts from a district employee and not reporting them on financial disclosure forms as required. Quinn did not contest the FPPC ruling.

Despite the cloud hanging over him, Quinn’s fellow board members unanimously elected him president last July – and they failed to remove him after the FPPC fine. His term as board president ended in June, fortunately.

But the dark cloud over him now is even darker.

This isn’t just about the school board. Voters knew about the paternity suit and allegations of illegal loans when they re-elected Quinn in June 2012. Many turned out in force in April after the FPPC fine to urge the board not to censure Quinn and remove him as board president. It is time that these supporters take a stand for the district as a whole and urge Quinn to step down.

Any parent with children in the district must be cringing. The integrity and credibility of the education program depends in large part on the integrity and credibility of elected school board members who decide policies for the district. Quinn deserves his day in court. But for now, he cannot be an effective board member or representative of the district. He should step down. Now.