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Another View: Seven reasons to reject the Warren Report

Jack Ohman suggested “we see what we want to see” regarding the JFK assassination (“Kennedy slaying answers elude us”; Forum, Nov. 17). Marcos Breton blamed our skepticism on advancing age: “It’s the ultimate baby boomer fetish,” he scoffed (“Count me out of the JFK club”; Our Region, Nov. 17).

If you still think the Warren Report is an example of a trustworthy, paternal federal government here to help you, listen up.

1. Lee Harvey Oswald, the supposed lone nut, ranked lowest on Marine firing tests and chose a rifle wartime Italian soldiers dismissed as unreliable. Why didn’t an ex-Marine, who knew good rifles, seek advice about accurate rifles in a state filled with hunters?

2. Oswald shot through trees at a target moving away from him, re-sighted, and supposedly fired two more shots within seconds. But his best shot was when JFK was heading directly toward him – unless a crossfire was imminent.

3. Oswald was found on the second floor eating his lunch, drinking a Coke and not winded for someone who just raced down several floors.

4. Jack Ruby shot Oswald to “spare Jackie from appearing at Oswald’s trial.” Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? Ruby, a guy tied to the Chicago Mafia who ran a seedy strip club, feels a sudden compassion for a woman and shoots Oswald – in the police station, yet.

5. Researcher Dr. Gary Aguilar identified testimony among 42 Dallas and Bethesda Hospital physicians that the exit wound was in the back of the skull. Dallas’ Dr. Robert McClelland reasserted this just last month. Implication: A shot from the front.

6. Oswald, the loner. Ruby, the other loner. But the CIA still holds 1,171 documents until 2017?

7. Oswald was photographed just before Ruby shot him. One shot has Oswald looking directly at Ruby with a “what the hell you doing here?” expression on his face.

Apologists for the Warren Commission say these are just coincidences, suggesting I’m a conspiracy theorist. Does that make the apologists coincidence theorists? If you’re still a believer, I own a bridge over the American River. MasterCard and Visa accepted.

In 1962, I was in a room with President John Kennedy. I can see him now, but often must remind myself 30,000 others were in the same room. Breton would regard that as just a baby boomer moment.