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Editorial notebook: Is Santa white? C’mon, get real

Every few weeks, one news outlet or another burps up some inane comment or meme. Last week, it was the Castro Handshake and Obama Selfie. Usually, these things come from one of two places: cable network or radio talk show host.

The latest non-story involves the notion about Santa being white. This came up during a cable network program. The anchorwoman, along with fellow travelers on the cable network, jumped on the flying sleigh of free publicity and flew with it.

Is Santa white? Hmm. This Sacramento Bee’s editorial board, of which I am a member, believes strongly that Santa lives in your heart, or doesn’t, and, therefore, is racially inclusive.

True, the popular media imagery of Santa being white is fixed, but this depends on how you view Santa. Sometimes Santa is white, sometimes he’s black, sometimes he’s Asian, sometimes he’s mixed race, and sometimes he’s a man, a woman, or someone in the LGBT community. Depends on who your Santa is.

I wish to reaffirm my view that Santa is real. I am convinced that he flies in a sleigh and is capable of hitting millions of households around the world in one night.

I remain to be convinced that the cable anchorwoman, the cable network, and the radio talk show host are for real.