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Editorial: The ‘Stick was a tough place to watch a game but millions did

Sports fans’ cheers will echo through Candlestick Park tonight, as the 49ers likely play their last game in the chilly, windswept stadium before heading south to Silicon Valley.

It has always been a tough place to watch games, but tens of millions did over the decades. It took stamina, layers of clothing and a little liquid warmth. Much has been written about “The Catch” and the glory years of Montana and Young.

Some fans might recall sitting in right-field bleachers waiting for a McCovey home run, seeing Mays lose his cap as he impossibly chased down a sure double to right center, or seeing Bonds rip a line drive over the left-field wall. Bobby, that is.

Candlestick is the place where Marichal had his greatest success and whacked Roseboro on the head with his bat, where Perry spit and tossed a no-hitter, beating Gibson and the Cardinals 1-0, and where the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake spread the center-field upper deck directly below some poor fan’s seat.

The stadium, which will give way to housing, stores and offices, is concrete, steel, dirt and grass. All of it can be replaced. Memories are what will make the place last.