Dan Morain

Drugs, legal and soon-to-be so, probably

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Drugs are on our minds today. We recommend no-votes on Proposition 64, the legalization measure, and Proposition 61, the prescription drug initiative. Not that there’s any connection between weed and the pharmaceutical industry. In our Monday read of swing state editorial pages, we saw a focus on disclosure, child care, crazy rhetoric, and Gary Johnson, who has sworn off marijuana for the duration of the campaign. A Detroit News editorial is particularly relevant to Sacramento and the Silicon Valley.

Our take

Endorsement: Voters should be wary of Proposition 64, the well-funded, slickly marketed initiative on the Nov. 8 ballot to fully legalize recreational marijuana in California. Despite our concerns for social justice, we recommend holding off on this measure.

Endorsement: No one likes being extorted. And Big Pharma could use a dose of its own medicine. But Proposition 61 is not the way to do that.

Editorial: It’s the age of limits for California’s water wars.

Dan Morain: Sorry about the cake, Mr. Blum.

Jack Ohman: Many of the leaked emails are exchanges between Condi Rice and Colin Powell. My question is, will we see more Powell emails going forward?

Dan Walters: California’s evaluation rubric for schools downplays academic tests.

Marcos Breton: Fired, retired or expired: Why is Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers Jr. walking away?

Susan Sward: Americans feel anger, fear, disdain and a need for change.

Lien Hoang: At first a joke, Donald Trump’s candidacy now bewilders Asians.

Take a breath

Keith McCarty, founder of Eaze Solutions, Inc., a Silicon Valley-funded marijuana delivery service, told a Recode podcast he envisions a future in which drones will deposit the product to consumers.

For now, McCarty contracts with dispensaries and their drivers, and boasts 15-minute delivery time. If you don’t have a 4/20 card, no problem. Eaze offers a $30 web consultation with a doctor who will happily give you a script.

Soon, there will be no need for that step. Positioning itself for Proposition 64’s passage and full legalization, Eaze has received $11 million in funding from DCM Ventures, of Sand Hill Road, where else, and has lobbied up in Sac, retaining Governmental Advocates.

“Our mission is to help educate people as to what the benefits are of cannabis and educate them as to how to consume and what they should feel in terms of effects, and how they shouldn’t feel,” McCarty said.

It’s all about education. And venture capital.

Their take

LA Times: It’s time to legalize and regulate marijuana in California. Yes on Proposition 64.

Debra J. Saunders, The Chronicle: It’s time for California to cut its ties with ill-conceived federal and state drug laws that ban adult recreational use and thus consign marijuana cultivation and sale to criminal gangs.

San Diego Union Tribune: Jerry Brown needs to own up to his mistake in Proposition 57. What’s propaganda is asserting that sexually assaulting an unconscious person isn’t “violent.” That bizarre and hateful claim must not be enshrined in the California Constitution.

Modesto Bee: The state water board has released a wrongheaded, lackadaisical, shortsighted plan to take vast portions of the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers and send the water flowing freely out to the Delta. If this shoddy piece of work ever reaches the courts, we hope it will be tossed out.

Fresno Bee: Fresno State, under fourth-year President Joseph Castro, is rewriting expectations for first-generation college students, many of whom are poor and come from immigrant families.

Detroit News: Silicon Valley’s competition with Detroit for the future of the auto industry is no doubt driving the quick consideration of this legislation in both states. And even though the two hubs are working together through manufacturers and suppliers, Michigan needs to do everything it can to maintain a competitive edge.

Take a number: $8.8 million

Speaking of green, Napster-Facebook billionaire Sean Parker gave another $5 million Thursday and Friday to the Yes on Proposition 64 campaign to legalize marijuana, pushing his total to $8.8 million of the $24 raised by promoters, including his friend, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Parker’s interests are purely benevolent.

Takes from swing states

Miami Herald, Florida-29 electoral votes: The squabble over Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia underlines the need for full medical disclosure by presidential candidates.

Philadelphia Daily News, Pennsylvania-20 votes: Unless Philadelphia voters show up in big numbers to vote for Hillary Clinton, she could lose Pennsylvania to Donald Trump. And without Barack Obama atop the ticket, there is a fear that younger and black voters will sit this election out.

Columbus Dispatch, Ohio-18: Until Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump come clean on their health and financial dealings, the American electorate’s decision-making ability is impaired.

Nancy Kaffer, Detroit Free Press, Michigan-16 votes: Because Donald Trump’s plan offers a tax credit, not a subsidy or benefit, families who don’t earn enough to pay federal income tax aren’t helped.

Detroit News, Michigan-16 votes: Gary Johnson may not know what Aleppo is, but he knows where the problem is in the American economy: The free market isn’t free.

Raleigh News & Observer, North Carolina-15: Despite Donald Trump’s dark vision, US economy brightens.

Virginian Pilot, Virginia-13: How healthy is each candidate, physically, mentally, financially? Voters deserve to know. Then we’ll have the information we need to cast informed votes for the highest office in the land.

Arizona Republic, Arizona-11: Politicians are lighting fuses and presenting violence as a legitimate way to solve political differences. That is dangerous and un-American.

E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic: Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton guards should ‘disarm’ and ‘see what happens’ ... Sick.

Manchester Union Leader, New Hampshire-4 votes: Libertarians Gary Johnson and Bill Weld’s would be worth considering under many circumstances. In today’s dark times, they are a bright light of hope and reason. The Union Leader and Sunday News endorse them.

Syndicates’ take

Timothy Eagan: America, the plunderer.

Paul Krugman: Barack Obama’s trickle-up economics.

Kathleen Parker: Donald Trump’s truth sets us free.

Ruben Navarrette: An immigration debate steered by taco trucks.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Donald Trump unfit for White House. So what are we?

And finally,

Scorched by fire, California must limit rural sprawl. – Katherine K. Evatt, Volcano.