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The Take: Political maneuvering follows Becerra’s move

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Election campaigns never end. And so it is with Gov. Jerry Brown’s choice of Rep. Xavier Becerra to replace Attorney General Kamala Harris. Without missing a beat, former Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez announced his candidacy for Becerra’s downtown Los Angeles congressional seat.

Also not missing a beat? Controller Betty Yee, who immediately endorsed him, burying the hatchet in the wake of their tough 2014 battle for her statewide office. It was a smart, gracious move. No need to have enemies.

Assume that Assembly members Jimmy Gomez, Miguel Santiago and Cristina Garcia are checking with their backers to see if they have a path. Sens. Holly Mitchell and Ricardo Lara must be thinking hard.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León’s district also overlaps, but he has a good job and made it clear he won’t challenge his rival, Perez. Perhaps Isadore Hall, who is out of a job after he lost a congressional race to Nanette Barragán last month, may want to take another shot at it.

Then there’s the L.A. fray. “When an opportunity like this arrives, you have to look at it and explore it,” City Councilman José Huizar told Los Angeles Downtown News, a sentiment echoed to The Sacramento Bee by an aide to fellow Councilman Gil Cedillo.

All this is to say that Becerra’s departure from a seat he has held since 1992 is very good for the campaign consulting business.

Our take


Jerry Brown made a smart, level-headed choice in picking Xavier Becerra as attorney general, and drew a line against Donald Trump. The wily governor made clear that whatever Trump flings at this state, California will defend its values, with a very good lawyer. Becerra understands the political ways of Washington and California. The son of immigrants, he is a Sacramento native, McClatchy High grad and alum of Stanford and Stanford Law School. His parents still live here. On his to-do list: Change that status to “active” on his license to practice law.

In a perfect world, Joseph Mann’s death would have gotten a bolder answer than the police reforms passed this week in Sacramento. But the improvements to transparency and civilian review weren’t nothing, either. They’re probably best regarded as the start of a longer conversation, about whether California has made it too hard to police the police.


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So how is President-elect Donald Trump doing so far on his administration’s picks to fulfill his campaign promise to drain the Washington swamp of the rich and political insiders?Richard Vidan, Orangevale

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