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Opinion: Dennis Kucinich really likes Tom McClintock

Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich AP

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, perhaps the most leftist member of Congress during his day, offered a testimonial today for one of the most conservative members, Rep. Tom McClintock.

In his debate on Tuesday in Auburn with challenger Art Moore, McClintock, the Elk Grove Republican, read from a laudatory letter sent by Kucinich, a Democrat from Cleveland. It was, McClintock said, evidence that he is bipartisan.

Kucinich, who is on a speaking tour that is taking him from Iowa to Seattle, California and Oregon, didn’t call as I reported today’s column, but did get back to me Wednesday. He said McClintock is “a stand-up guy.”

“Our world views differ. But I will say this. I found him to be very independent minded,” Kucinich said of McClintock.

The former presidential candidate said he and McClintock collaborated on efforts to limit U.S. involvement in Libya, and restrict government’s power to conduct searches.

“I consider him a good man and I didn’t write a lot of notes. When you write something, you have to mean it,” Kucinich said.

Kucinich said he is speaking and writing these days, and “trying to change the conversation.” He would not say whether he intends to run for president again.

A Kucinich-McClintock ticket, perhaps. That’d be a little too much fun.

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