Dan Morain

Donald Trump trips over his tweets

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It’s great to be back from Cleveland and Philadelphia, where the heat is not dry. It was old home week in Philly. Everyone knew everyone. In Cleveland, most delegates were new. Therein lies an opportunity for Republicans. Can the GOP expand its shrinking base, or will the Trumpites be a momentary blip? In the next 98 days, we’ll home in on ballot measures, local, legislative and congressional races, and the race to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer. And of course we will gawk at the presidential race.

Short takes on Trump

Donald Trump grabbed attention, not in a good way, by attacking Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who told Democratic delegates, Trump and the nation about the heroism of their son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq in 2004, and about the U.S. Constitution.

Trump questioned whether Clinton speechwriters wrote Mr. Khan’s words – they didn’t – and why Mrs. Khan didn’t speak. She had her reasons. “Whoever saw me felt me in their heart,” she writes in this powerful op-ed in the Washington Post.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that was he “viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention. Am I not allowed to respond?”

No, Mr. Trump, you’re not. The Khans lost a son.


Donald Trump, continuing his weird dalliance with Vladimir Putin, insisted Sunday that Crimea wants to be part of Putin’s Russia and that Putin didn’t actually invade Ukraine.

President Gerald Ford, in his 1976 debate with Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter, said: “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.” At the time, questioner Max Frankel of The New York Times, responded: “I’m sorry, what?”

Truer words.


Brothers and billionaire oil magnates Charles Koch and David Koch hosted a gathering of donors and Republican politicians in Colorado Springs, Colo. Donald Trump, not on the guest list, tweeted: “Much better for them to meet with the puppets of politics, they will do much better!”

CNN listed the invitees and speakers: House Speaker Paul Ryan; Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado, Tim Scott of South Carolina and John Cornyn of Texas; Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin; and Reps. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Mike Coffman of Colorado.

Aka, puppets of politics?

Take a number: 75

The Colorado Medical Board suspended the licenses of four doctors who authorized more than 1,500 “patients” to grow at least 75 marijuana plants or more for “medically necessary” reasons. Colorado law permits six plants for people who have actual medical need for marijuana. “It strikes us as unreasonable and irresponsible to believe that a single patient would need access to 75 cannabis plants or more at any one time,” The Denver Post opined.

The California Medical Association has endorsed Proposition 64, the Gavin Newsom-Sean Parker-WeedMaps marijuana legalization initiative on the November ballot.

Our take

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Their take

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Orange County Register: A voters’ petition in Upland has blown up into a case before the California Supreme Court that could determine how taxes get raised in the state.

San Antonio Express-News: Texas is not just a late adopter of the practices to combat teen pregnancy; it is virtually a nonadopter. California and Colorado are modeling some of these best practices.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: In Texas, Monday marks the beginning of “campus carry,” in which students and visitors are allowed to take registered concealed handguns into most campus buildings.

Kansas City Star: From Kansas to North Carolina to Wisconsin, judges on Friday issued powerful rulings designed to protect the voting rights of Americans.

Lexington Herald-Leader: Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should step up and articulate a coherent GOP doctrine on national security and foreign policy. Because Donald Trump, the party’s presidential nominee, cannot.

Convention takes

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Syndicates’ take

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And finally,

Lassen Volcanic National Park, the 15th national park established by Congress, marks its 100th anniversary this year. Lassen is among the least visited parks in the system. Anyone who has been there knows what an amazing place it is. This would be a great year to trek up there, The Redding Record Searchlight notes.