Joyce Terhaar

From the Executive Editor: Changes respond to what you want

In today's Bee you'll find two new sections to replace Living Here Sunday as we introduce California Traveler and a&e, an arts and entertainment tab.

The new sections are part of ongoing internal work to improve our Sunday print edition. For much of last year, key employees from all divisions of The Bee talked to and surveyed readers (and even those who don't read us) as they researched Sunday print changes at newspapers around the country.

What we found: You value our investigative reporting, you want to be informed and connected to the community and you want to find deals, savings and valuable shopping information.

When we asked what you want more of, many of you asked for stories and information on California travel and recreation, as well as bargain offers related to entertainment and dining.

We're committed to providing deep, watchdog reporting on Sundays, as well as other days of the week. In recent months we've investigated safety issues at Caltrans, government spending at all levels, lobbying influence and whether Californians have more luck finding jobs outside the state than in it (they don't).

Today we provide new approaches to travel and entertainment.

California Traveler is about places to go, yes, but also the people who do the traveling. We emphasize day trips and weekenders because many of you spend your travel dollars and time in California. And we introduce a new column by someone who is familiar to you, Sam McManis, who has writing chops as serious as the distances he logs running each week.

Tamma Adamek, a features team leader and key editor behind the new sections, said the travel section will appeal to readers "whether they're the kind of travelers who take trips that require a passport or just a tank of gas."

Deb Anderluh, senior editor for Page A1 and one of the editors working to improve the Sunday paper, said California Traveler "is so satisfying to me as both editor and reader. It brings to one place a way to organize my free time, whether we're talking a two-week vacation, a weekend getaway or a day trip."

Whenever we change our coverage in one section it has domino effects elsewhere. Some of our Thursday Outbound coverage will move to the California Traveler section. Thursday's Living Here section instead will focus on health and fitness, including health columns that until today were part of the Sunday features package.

Our other new section today, a&e, will include the entertainment and arts coverage you've come to expect on Sunday and also our books coverage, which moves from Monday. Dining reviews from Blair Anthony Robertson will be featured as well as stories by Allen Pierleoni, whom some of you know as the funny, articulate guy who hosts The Bee Book Club author events. Look for coverage from our entertainment experts, writers Carla Meyer, Marcus Crowder and Edward Ortiz.

Adamek said the section will bookend the Friday Ticket section, which is focused on things to do in the upcoming week. Sunday a&e "steps back and gives you a broader view of what Sacramento's reading, what's playing on the big screens in town, what's coming to galleries and museums and where the best (or worst) food is being served."

While a cup of coffee and time with the paper is a routine for many of us on Sundays, Monday mornings are more of a hectic blur.

We're taking our cue from that with changes we'll introduce in Monday's paper. Look for Our Region Monday, a section we've designed to provide information for the week ahead and to help you connect with the community.

A new column called This Week highlights top events or news coming up, and we'll have stories and Q&As focusing on issues or people in the news. We'll also highlight people who make this region what it is in a photo column called I Care and a new column called Applause.

Looking for obits, the weather or Fun & Games? They're all here, too.

Take a look at our new sections and let us know what you think. Email or call (916) 650-2847.