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Commenting Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the new commenting system on

Do I have to use my real name to comment?

Yes. We are requiring real names to improve the quality of community contributions and to reinforce the notion of comments on stories as a town square discussion. Your real name will be displayed next to your comments.

I have information to share with The Sacramento Bee, but I need to be anonymous. What should I do?

Please email any story ideas or news tips to or call us at (916) 321-1020.

Who will be allowed to comment? Who won't be allowed?

Everyone is able to comment. We will continue to monitor comments for quality and adherence to our rules. Offenders will lose their commenting privileges.

What is the voucher? How do I get one?

Vouchers are an invitation with a code to register.

Can I use my Sacramento Bee account to comment?

You need a Sacbee commenting account to comment. This is a different account than your Press+ digital subscription. To use or create an account go to the comments tab on a story and select the login option of your choice. You do not need a subscription to comment.

Do I have to use Facebook to comment?

No. You can login with one of the other social networks or create a new Sacbee commenting account.

What social media accounts can I use to comment?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, Amazon, LinkenIn, Microsoft, and The Sacramento Bee.

Will my comment appear in my Facebook feed for my friends to see?

This is optional. There is a checkbox that allows you to share comments to Facebook and other social networks if you wish. This is not selected by default.

What if I don't want to use a social media account to comment?

You can choose to use "The Bee" registration option when creating your account.

I don't want to read comments. Can I turn them off?


What if I don't like a comment? Can it be removed?

Use the thumbs up or down to show your approval or disapproval. Comments will be removed only if they do not meet our guidelines.

Why do you remove some comments?

We remove comments that violate the guidelines.

I don't want to read comments from certain people. Can I remove certain commenters from my view?

We are looking into this feature and expect to offer it in the future. Hopefully our work to improve comments will make this less necessary.

Will commenters who leave inappropriate comments be blocked?

Yes. Our moderators will block those who flagrantly or repeatedly violate our guidelines.

Do I need to have cookies enabled to comment?

Yes. Cookies are required for many things in our digital products. Please review our privacy policy if you have any concerns.

Will comments work with any Internet browser?

All major browsers are supported.

What if I'm having trouble leaving a comment? How do I get help?

Please contact customer service, and select I want to "Report an Online Issue."

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