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Field Poll: California voters want more money sent to schools, colleges


A higher proportion of California voters – 42 percent – approve of the job the Legislature is doing than at any point in nearly eight years, according to a new Field Poll.

A majority of voters said lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown should spend unexpected increases in state revenue on K-12 education. About a third picked higher education for more money, while less than a third chose transportation, health care and other programs.

Half of voters now think the state is moving in the right direction, while 41 percent say it’s on the wrong track.

Christopher Cadelago

From the pollster:

“This is one of the Legislature’s best job marks that the Field Poll has obtained in years. I think, obviously, the better economic times (are) contributing a great deal to this because of the fact that the state Legislature is considering ways of spending additional monies rather than ways of cutting back.”

“The results indicate that K-12 schools is the most popular, with 52 percent mentioning that. But, interestingly, higher education beats out four other categories as the next-highest priority for state spending increases.”

Mark DiCamillo, Field Poll director

From the field:

“They have taken a lot of the programs out of K-12 schools. Teachers have been spending their own money on supplies. They don’t even do field trips anymore. On health care, the costs have just gotten outrageous. I think it’s a balance between focusing on” policy and more money.

Marina Moreno, Manteca

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