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Poll: Obama approval steady, improving with economic rebound

President Barack Obama arrives at Westchester County Airport in Harrison, N.Y., on Wednesday.
President Barack Obama arrives at Westchester County Airport in Harrison, N.Y., on Wednesday. The Associated Press

California voters continue to view President Barack Obama favorably, corresponding with their more positive outlook on his stewardship of the national economy, according to a new poll.

The Field Poll found that 53 percent approve of the president’s performance while 35 percent disapprove.

Voters also support Obama’s efforts to broker a nuclear arms agreement with Iran, 47 percent to 33 percent.

From the pollster

▪  “The president’s higher job marks this year coincide with voters’ much more positive assessments of the job he’s doing in handling the nation’s economy.”

▪  “Six in 10 voters, including almost half of registered Democrats, feel the Congress should have the power to reject any such (nuclear weapons agreement with Iran) should enough members oppose removing the economic sanctions against Iran, which would be a necessary part of the deal.”

– Mark DiCamillo, director, The Field Poll

From the field

▪ “I sort of approve overall, but I don’t like the fact that he’s playing the ‘I want to be liked by everybody card.’ You just can’t do that all the time.”

On the economy, Obama “would be doing better if he just attacked instead of not wanting to upset people, mainly Congress. He seemed to be more aggressive with the health care bill, but that’s the only thing I’ve seen him sink his teeth into.”

– Lewis Alves, 74, of Roseville. He is a registered Democrat.

▪ “A lot of things are going in the wrong direction and the country is losing its base of values, particularly to an older conservative person like I am. Our economy, and our position and status in the world in many respects, has diminished under this administration and I feel really bad for my kids and my grandkids what they are likely to be facing. The scary part to me is there’s a huge undercurrent moving this country in the wrong direction.”

– “Hod” Claussen, 70. He is not registered with a political party.

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