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PM Alert: California lawmakers suffer two defeats on Trump opposition bills

Sacramento Bee Staff Photo

In case you missed it:

Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein suffer rare defeat.

Lawmakers lose battle to protect California coast from Donald Trump’s oil drilling threats.

Californians could have the chance to stop businesses from tracking their Internet searches.

On our opinion pages:

As Hurricane Harvey hits Gulf Coast, Central Valley must prepare for the coming storm, writes the Bee Editorial Board.

Despite gains by unions, workers’ real incomes have fallen over the last several decades and the gap between worker and CEO pay is now a chasm, writes Art Pulaski.

Rob Lapsley says California’s economy depends on the future, but labor here is stuck in the past.

Prevailing wages didn’t cause California’s housing crisis, according to Robbie Hunter.

Yvonne R. Walker warns that a Supreme Court case could dramatically weaken public sector unions.