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Tax board leader urged quick hiring to get state workers better pensions

Then-Assemblyman Jerome Horton, D-Inglewood, on Aug. 18, 2005.
Then-Assemblyman Jerome Horton, D-Inglewood, on Aug. 18, 2005. Los Angeles Times

In case you missed it:

Board of Equalization member Jerome Horton pushed the agency to hire employees before changes to the state pension system.

Build one Delta tunnel, not two, suggests Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. (He’s still mulling a run for governor next year.)

Despite the opposition, a giant Southern California water agency approved the Delta tunnels project.

Bay Area bridge tolls could rise another $3.

See what Hillary Clinton had to say at her UC Davis book event. She talked about Russian election interference, fake news, the Comey letter, getting followed around onstage at the second presidential debate and the victory speech she would have given.

Vice President Mike Pence pitched tax reform in Rancho Cordova. He also offered assistance for the wildfires raging in Northern California.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has begun a fundraising blitz for her re-election bid.

From the opinion pages:

Feinstein’s re-election shouldn’t be a coronation, The Bee Editorial Board writes.

When do consumers tune out warnings supposedly intended to protect them? Dorothy Rothrock wonders.