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Sort fact from fiction on Newsom and Villaraigosa’s rise to wealth

In case you missed it:

Reporter Christopher Cadelago explains the truth behind Villaraigosa’s Herbalife gig and Newsom’s precious metals.

Tired of politicians who won’t cop to smoking weed? These candidates for governor admit they inhaled.

A Bee investigation reveals that sexual harassment in government persists far beyond the Capitol dome. Here’s a list of 10 big payouts for claims against state agencies, prisons and public universities. And one UC employee explains why she received a $1.7 million settlement.

What does it cost to fix the Oroville Dam’s battered spillways? About 32 percent more than the state predicted.

Voting-rights advocates in California are awaiting a key U.S. Supreme Court decision that could change the way states legally remove voters from registration rolls.

On our opinion pages:

Marcos Bretón pays tribute to the owner of one of Sacramento’s most popular watering holes.