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Feinstein leads de Leon in the money race – with help from $5 million of her own

In case you missed it:

Kevin de León has some work to do if he’s going to catch Dianne Feinstein.

Two Democrats have raised more campaign cash than Rep. Tom McClintock in the race to represent a deep-red California congressional district east of Sacramento.

California Democrats aren’t optimistic about President Donald Trump’s infrastructure framework.

A statewide rent control campaign is underway. If proponents are successful this November, it could drastically alter California’s housing market.

More than 40 lawsuits have been filed following last year’s Oroville Dam crisis.

UC’s president said she would have done things differently before a critical audit.

From the opinion pages:

There are ways besides rent control for California to address its housing crisis, writes Erika D. Smith.

To flip the House this November, Democrats should ‘go big,’ writes Don Perata, a former California Senate leader and co-founder of the political action committee “Flip the 14.”