The State Worker Newsletter

Want a better DMV photo?

In case you missed it:

Don't like your driver's license photo? A state lawmaker wants to give you a second shot at a better photo.

Sen. Tony Mendoza resigned Thursday. (VIDEO)

Watch as Mendoza's portrait gets removed from a display of active senators.

The UC system released its 2016-17 sexual harassment settlement data.

Cal Fire announced discipline Thursday against 14 firefighters for drinking alcohol while at a training academy.

Trump has more harsh words for California.

From the opinion pages:

In Sacramento, reducing homelessness must take precedence over hosting the NBA All-Star Game, The Bee Editorial Board writes.

California's high-speed rail critics should take a ride on a crammed Amtrak train, writes Joe Mathews of Zócalo Public Square.

Keep violent sex offenders locked up, writes Assemblyman Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove.